State of the Titans: Part 2 of 3

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    SUMMARY: Part 1 seemed awfully depressing, so before we get back to what's wrong with this team, let's take a look at what's RIGHT.

    Vince Young - Despite his 53.3 QB rating and 46% completion rate, we will cut him some slack as a rookie QB. On the field, he is in command and does translate his college magic. But this is the NFL and for him to be successful, he'll need to improve his passing ala his predecessor...McNair. VY looks to be the real deal and this team became his the moment he was drafted. While his passing stats are nothing to write home about,he does avg 19.6 yds rushing per game (4th), have a 4.7 avg (10th among QB's), and rushed for 137 yds (3rd even though he hasn't started the whole season).

    What do you think about this article? Post your comments below.
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    If a 53.3 rating and 46% completion rate is "right" we are in big trouble.
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    Thats what happens when you start a rookie QB in the NFL and its worse when he has to play against the teams he's having to play against(5th toughest schedule in the league) Jacksonsvilles D last week, Ravens this week, Giants coming, up a tough time for a rookie. This experience however will make him much better next year than holding a clip board this year. The schedule will be easier next year and we will get to see a much improved VY and a much improved Titans team. All that said IMO his numbers won't get much better this year but he is the REAL DEAL.
Thread Status:
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