Star D Players Resigned with Titans?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewHorizans, Dec 26, 2013.

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    Some players decline big time when they change teams. So that alone makes it look like our FO did a great job in not resigning them.
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    Thats another point. The Titans NEVER keep their SuperStar Vets at the end of their careers. Besides Bruce Mathews. We have let all our named Stars go when all they had was literally one year left in the league. McNair, Eddie, and Bulluck all played their last season in the NFL for another team. Why would it have been such a bad thing to give them all a restructured 1 or 2 year deal so they retire a Titan??

    Thats another good quesiton. Will the Tians EVER have a true franchise retired player. From Draft to Retire after a long successful career? I know it seems rarer and rarer in todays NFL. But will the Titans ever have even ONE player. Like Ray Lewis, Ronde Barber, or Michael Strahan
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    Not too many offensive players get 2nd contracts either besides o line.
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    Manning didn't even make it all the way with his team. It's terribly common to see players like him with the team on their shoulders for years get punted to another team. It's business.
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    I see what you're saying. But can you honestly argue the haynesworth decision? I think they do a good job of knowing what we have and knowing how to replace them.

    I'm curious what a good example of roster balancing would be like? Any teams come to mind?
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    exactly. Sign him too a 'good' contract and everyone is a winner.

    Like the Titans did Roos. I said Roos cause I know they did that with him. Decided they wanted too keep him so got his salary more in line with league average going forward
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    McNair engineered his exit/cutting with his agent Buss Cook. BC pulled the same stunt with Favre in GB

    Eddie wanted too be a UFA and refused to renegotiate a $m roster bonus making his dream come true. His running uphill, in the mud, against the wind was noticed in Dallas

    Bulluck wanted starters money even though his knee was toast. Giants stupidly paid him. Guess KB was laughing all the way too the bank.

    Being held hostage by nostalgia is not a winning formula. If players are not grading out too their contract the evil empire and Darth Vader throw them under a bus in New England. Its the way a winning franchise behaves.

    As for the great CAP purge under Reese. The whole FO and fishface all held hands and paid the players one last time for 1 more run at a SB. It didnt work out and those players refused too take a haircut too remain Titans. Only player that was actually worth the $s was Mason, but he proved too be a total arse monkey - FU Mason

    that whole loyalty works both ways - just sayin'

    Any of those players could have taken a lower salary with Veteran CAP offsets and actually been of value too the team. But they were all greedy and so there you go.
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    One contract.
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    I'm sure the Titans would have loved to do so.

    Unfortunately, McNair and Eddie both thought they were much better than they were- so they went to other teams instead.
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