Stafford ends preseason on positive note

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    MINNEAPOLIS If he had a chance, Titans rookie safety Daimion Stafford might’ve written a better script for his preseason.

    He couldn’t have asked for a better finish, however.

    Stafford, who missed two games with a hamstring injury, returned to action on Thursday for the first time since the preseason opener.

    A seventh round draft pick, Stafford had an interception and a fumble recovery in the team’s 24-23 preseason loss against the Vikings.

    “Looking ahead, I just want to make this ball club so I can do what I can to help us win,’’ Stafford said. “Coaches make that decision, and hopefully they are satisfied with the job I’ve done. I wanted to show them tonight I could make some plays.”

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  2. The Hammer

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    How was he on special teams? That is where he needs to make his mark if he wants to make the team.
  3. Zappa71

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    Did anyone else notice how big he looked? Looked like a FB to me.