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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Deuce Wayne, Jun 21, 2012.

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    Your chins are gonna be in someone's way either way so it doesn't really matter.
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    Yea :rolleyes:

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    hey bro, im glad you got over the whole "ima call your mom a crackwhore for talking bout my chins" thing. thats the first step
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    I believe that our fans grew tired of fisherball and the predictable outcomes of his games. They also grew tired of watching millionaire idiots mail it in as soon as something went wrong (vy years). It is true that for a couple of years 1999-2001 it was a really tough place to play, but the crowd sort of reflected what they saw on the field and still do to this day. I know in my case I have two season tickets in the loge area, second row, good seats but if I continue to see half @$$ed football I will be looking to sell my PSL's and watch at home instead. The parking is a pain in the @$$. I am looking forward to seeing the stadium improvements for this season, but if I see that same attitude on the field then that is on the team, as is the fan base's reactions to it.
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    I got my 2000 ravens playoff tickets on tuesday of game week. Yes the tickets were in the cheap seats and yes there are some visiting fans around but you can get tickets. The exception was always the colts games which sell out a month ahead but those won't be a problem now.
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    If they lowered the beer prices, I guarantee that our fans would be more rowdy. :grrhee:
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    DW is right. The f'in fan conduct policy is BS, at least how it is administered. You can't just have somebody text the po-po and have them removed.

    Hell- I've been on jumbotron being "escorted" to the hall while they played "I fought the Law". And you know what for? Some jack-leg (in an orange Manning jersey) was trying to pick a fight with me because I was giving the Colts hell. He splashed his beer on me and I told him if he did it again I'd give him a beer enema. His lil Payton biatch (matching dress) whipped out her cell phone.

    Turns out security recognized me in the corridor. I've written numerous letters with ways to recommend improving the GD fan conduct policy. Security was courteous and wound up throwing out the other guy (seems he didn't have a ticket to sit where we were anyway).

    There really should be a "family section" set of tickets where there is a different fan conduct policy. Give chit and receiving chit to/from the opposition IS fun. Yes it CAN get salty, especially when alcohol is involved, but it only gets out hand when certain rules are broken. No contact at all.

    My ideal fan conduct policy would go something like this:

    Fan reports via text. Security observes behavior. If text validated, then security issues a verbal warning stating to the person what has been reported and it won't be tolerated. Security observes after the warning. Person ejected is behavior recurs. If security observes contact or verbal threats of violence or obvious public drunkedness- eject.

    It's not that hard. We've killed the passion with the fan conduct policy. My buddies and I used to punch each other when the Titans scored. Hell one of us (played MLB) used to military press another guy (played DE at Ole Miss) each score. We older and don't that any more, plus it just doesn't fly in the section we sit in. So we've mellowed out alot. Somedays I miss that, most days I don't now.

    Anyway- Goodell has tried to push this fan conduct policy because the battle truly is against HDTV and the conveniences of watching at home you have mentioned. He has tried to market a family experience. The sooner they recognize that has failed, the sooner games will be fun to attend again.

    The gameday experience REALLY could be a passionate, energetic and unique experience beyond simply watching the plays. I'm convinced we have Grandma Moses running our gameday entertainment at LP field. I've seen more creativity from a lemon in the fridge.
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    I've never been to LP Field (mostly because I don't live in TN, and am a poor college student). However, it sounds alot like the United Center (where the Bulls play). I almost got kicked out for standing up excessively. Wasn't even yelling, just whenever there was a sweet play I would stand and cheer. The suit behind me didn't like that, because I was distracting him and his 'client'. What a jerk.
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    I have mixed feelings about this because I've had fans throwing f-bombs with kids sitting all around me. Usually, just asking them to tone it back does the trick. This text thing has made it too easy for intolerant fans to get people kicked out. I agree security should issue warnings or witness someone "in the act" before escorting people out. This would need to come down from Herr Goodell.

    A family section is a great idea. Baseball has been doing it for years. Make it non-alcohol and kid-friendly.

    As much as I like to stand up and cheer, I've seen our section be more rowdy sitting than standing. I'm not a fan of a group of opposing fans standing up when no one else in the section is standing. If security is going to crack down on them, then they have to do it when a few Titans fans do it when the rest of the section is sitting.

    Maybe they need to create rowdy fan sections. No one buys season tickets in Section 303 at Preds games and complain about the yelling.

    Of course, this means shifting around everyone's PSLs which would screw up everything. A major reason for the current issues, IMO, is the entire PSL system.

    Bottom line for me is that more common sense needs to be applied if the goal is to make the Titans gameday experience better than sitting in front of the huge HDTV one could buy with the amount of money they give Bud each season. Does that huge sign outside the stadium have written on it "no standing" or "no cussing"? I've not seen it. Until it does, that creates a big gray area of what "proper fan conduct" because it leaves too much up to interpretation.

    A good start would be to hire the Preds people to do the Titans game. I don't hear about this stuff going on with them and, though I haven't gone to too many games the last couple of seasons, never have seen people escorted out.
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    I was at the game... and yes.. there was alot of cussing and swearing up in the 300s... there was a little kid with a vuvuzela and he learned an entire new vocabulary of words thanks to me and the pissed off fans around me. Should I care? I don't think the parents cared... Because they shared the sentiment with me. I think playoff games are a special occasion in which swearing is okay. Am I wrong?
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