Sorry- the offensive line is not an excuse.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Deuce Wayne, Oct 2, 2011.

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  1. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne #CoachKegstand

    Today CJ frustrated me more than anything watching him walk while creases were open EVERYWHERE that he would have hit for huge gains in the past.
    He's overthinking. Many times he'd have a blocker barreling out in front of him with tons of room to work with and what did he do? Turn and run directly in to 2 defenders...

    He even had the edge on one play and instead of turning on the jets- he coasted inside and was caught by a defensive end... terrible.

    I think the guy just simply forgot how to run. Now he's thinking way too much which is why you never see him hit the creases when they're there. And they're there. Don't kid yourself. 2008 Chris Johnson would have had 200+ yards rushing today. No doubt about it.

    He's just walking out there- thinking about every step while the defense collapses around him. Extremely frustrating.
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  2. Titans Eternal

    Titans Eternal Got the swagger of a cripple

    I saw a few plays that had browns in the backfield before/as soon as he got the ball.

    He got double what I thought he would get. 100 yards rushing is respectable.
    Cj gets a pass this week. :p
  3. TitanMark

    TitanMark Starter


    Sooooo... They should cut him? So having a 1300 yard playmaking back is a bad thing? Some of you just blow me away. No, CJ isnt 2000 yard CJ. May never be again. But so what? A more balanced offense is what this team has now and what it has needed for years. CJ will produce and be a playmaker. They are winning. They arent as bad as some thought. Do they have some warts, sure. But they will battle for the division title and CJ will be a big part of that.
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  4. stump1000

    stump1000 NFL Insider

    He doesn't look like the old CJ to me. Even when he does get a decent run, he looks slow.
  5. Ryudo

    Ryudo Farten Up

    CJ got a hundred in garbage time. he did look better but still has much to prove to doubters.
  6. Obie09

    Obie09 Starter

    Please just give it a rest. We are 3-1, we won again, and CJ had a good game. He CONSISTENTLY got 5 yards on almost every run but maybe 3-5 of them. Unless of course you want to say CJ forgot to run and Ringer would have gotten more when he had another 5 carries for 5 yards game.

    All I heard all week was the Browns spent all week trying to contain CJ, and they failed.
  7. Smash

    Smash Soccer God

    That temp FB isn't doing any good either, he keps getting put on his a*s by LBs.
  8. Ryudo

    Ryudo Farten Up

    He is back next week right?
  9. Psychop1

    Psychop1 Big Tee Tip Jar Donor

    ONE play where CJ should have trusted his blocker and stayed behind him. Other than that, I saw CJ taking what he could get most plays. Sometimes he tried to make the most out of a busted play, and it still ended up a busted play.

    It's obvious we need more consistency from CJ and the O-Line. I'm not going to pretend this game for CJ was anything more than decent against a bad run defense, but what is this thread DW? A preemptive strike to protect the ego?
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  10. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne #CoachKegstand

    They failed?

    he was a nonfactor all game.

    Glad to see he finally looked average though. But no one can tell me that old CJ wouldn't have run absolutely wild with all the gaps out there.

    He did look winded too though- so maybe he's still not in shape as expected.
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