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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by fitantitans, Feb 28, 2010.

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    Walter Football- Derrick Morgan & 3rd rd Brandon Ghee CB
    Scott Wrights Draft Countdown - Carlos Dunlap DE
    bleacher report - Patrick Robinson CB
    Nfl Draft Dog - Brandon Graham DE
    NFL Draft Site - Carlos Dunlap & 3rd rd Art Jones DT
    Draft Blitz - Jason Pierre-Paul DE
    Football Future - Everson Griffen DE
    My NFL Draft - Derrick Morgan DE
    The New NFL Draft - Derrick Morgan DE
    Football Expert - Derrick Morga DE
    Steeler Pick - Who cates what the Steelers think!
    ESPN Bucky - Everson Griffen DE
    Pro Sports Draft - Derrick Morgan DE
    Heard's Football Report - Everson Morgan DE
    Football Fan Spot - Dan Williams DT & 3rd rd Austin Lane DE
    Sports Fantasy Guide - Everson Graham
    Fantasy Tailgate - Jason Pierre-Paul DE

    Over powering for a DE pick in the first round. Especially in a draft where there is suppose to be a lot of good DEs coming out. The Football Fan Spot with their rd 1 pick of DT Williams with a 3rd rd pick at DE might have merit.
    Would the Titans pick Carlos Dunlap with his off the field issues and lack of interest?
    Interesting. I've read where Brandon Graham projects himself as a LB rather than a DE and I've seen drafts making him our #1 pick at DE.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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