Some early mock draft picks

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Titans Insider, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Renfro95

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    I have faith that the opportunity to trade could at 11. Surely someone will fall to a point were we can make a deal to get a 3.
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  2. JR1980

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    I hope so man...The only way I really say we draft someone in the 1st without trading, is if a QB or defensive monster, just happens to drop somehow..Otherwise, trade it and build up.
  3. TitansWrath

    TitansWrath Pro Bowler

    Well, you are going to be furious regardless, so whatever.
  4. titans92790

    titans92790 Starter

    1. Khalil Mack
    2. Anthony Barr
    3. CJ Mosley
    4. Justin Gilbert (If we lose ATV)
  5. anthony c.

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    Here I have a defensive back out of Troy University thats been making some buzz lately. Cameron Hudson and Chris Pickett were the frontrunners (both seniors), but an athletic underclassman is getting some spotlight.Very limited in the film, but word is athletically he is a freak of nature. A projected cornerback, he has the league size and athleticism to possibly slight as a later potential pick in the draft. With his tape as limited as it is, he has to really open eyes at his Pro Day (March 10) to really up his chances of being drafted. I have him projected as a 7th round/Free Agent. Declared for the 2014 draft on Jan 8, Im really anxious to see the guy work out and see if he is a fit at the next level.. Great physical specimen. Will also work out at NFL Regional Combine in Atlanta.

    Jonathan Querisma (declared underclassman)
    Strengths: Ball skills: Watched spring tape, this kid will really go UP and get it out of the air. Make up speed was also very noticeable. At times in man coverage he gave up a step or two but closed very quickly when the ball was released. If I had to guess, I would say this kid is in the low 4.5/ high 4.4 range.

    Athleticism: Sometimes his athleticism bails him out of situations that probably shouldn't have. Great hips for a bigger corner at 6'feet 195 lbs.

    Weaknesses: 1. STANCE;There are times in his tape where he plays high in his stance. This could be a concern, as smaller receivers could obtain leverage and make it hard for him to have a decent position to break on the ball.

    Tackling: Has all the intangibles to be a solid corner, but has a tendency to try and go for the big hit leading with the shoulder.

    HIGHEST: 6th/7th round
    Lowest: Free Agent


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    Do you know these guys?
    Cause I can't find squat on either.
  7. anthony c.

    anthony c. Camp Fodder

    Cam Hudson and Pickett were all SunBelt caliber type players, Querisma an underclassman that declared early for the draft. Not much film on him, but with a reported 42 inch vertical and his size, hes an under the radar caliber guy. Could possibly work out for the Titans. All three are top level db's
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