So what are our plans if the Jake Locker experiment fails???

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    lol of couse I didn't know who Manziel was before his FIRST SEASON at TAMU....I don't follow their recruiting or keep tabs on their redshirts so how would I...But I damn sure knew who he was after his first few games. Guy throws the prettiest ball I've ever seen and is mobile as hell.

    I'm saying, most of the people on this board don't even follow college football like that, they had no idea who Bridgewater was until ESPN made him famous after the sugar bowl..
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    Locker would have to be pretty terrible for him to not be the starter in 2014 as well. His rookie contract is 4 years and the guy has only 11 starts under his belt. Really make that 10 since in the Houston game he only had 2 passing attempts. Has he been successful as Luck or RG3 in his first year starting? No, but they also had playoff teams around them.

    I'm not taking anything away about this being a big year for his development and that he needs to improve but everyone is writing him off after last year. The guy had ZERO stability around him last year. Our #1 WR was still recovering from a knee injury, we had a third string O-line in the last 4 starts of the season which was weak to begin with, a new OC after week 12 (Palmer for the 1st 12 weeks was bad enough) and was he was battling the shoulder injury. If he regresses this year then we can have these conversations but I think everyone needs to relax and give the guy a chance to prove himself with a decent team around him. I think we have that now, so I wish him the best of luck because he is our best chance to make this team long term contenders. Drafting a new QB every 4 years is a disaster for a franchise.
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    I'm certainly not writing him off and I think he'll be much better this year. People really had pretty unrealistic expectations of him last year. Of course he wasn't good enough to carry the team. Oh, and the wily vet hass looked like Crap behind that line with no run support too.

    And of course, he got hurt, and the staff didn't use him well.

    I expect to see much improvement. Not all pro level or anything, but at least solid play.
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    This Teddy Bridgewater hype cracks me up.


    Wait a second... I've seen that somewhere before. Hmmm...

    Oh! That's right...


    When will you ever learn?

    ... carry on.
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    More racism from DW what a shock.
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    Tend to agree.
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    Neither Bridgewater and Manziel are the perfect types of prospects that will automatically go in the top 5 picks.

    Manziel's size and the style of offense you would have to play with him could easily allow him to fall to where we might be picking if that is even an option.

    Mccarron and Murray will also be in that draft.
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    Until Bridgewater throws up an 8 on his wonderlic why would you agree? Is Bridgewater lazy and unteachable also? To assume both would be what?

    All we have to go on is that both VY and Bridgewater are mobile black QBs and i'm disappointed that you participated in DW's racism.
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    Talking purely about his "style" of play. I don't think it will every work (win a superbowl). All I meant by it.
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    Comparing Bridgewater to Vince Young is asinine and lazy - completely undeserving of a cogent rebuttle.
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