So now that we signed our Pass Rusher

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by edward nigma, Mar 20, 2012.

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    right on i would take any of those guys if we went main hope is that coples falls to us and im thinking it could happen i wouldnt even be opposed to trading up to make sure we get him as i dont see him getting past the bears now that they have marshall...but IMO if coples is there, then we have to pull the trigger...As far as bpa i wouldnt be opposed to that in the first round then draft for need or by what the front office feels is best for the team after that...

    i say this because if you take bpa then it is going to make your team better even if it is just as depth so i wouldnt be opposed to taking the bpa as long as we went for needs after the first round pick
  2. TheSureThing

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    Jenkins fills a need at CB and at KR/PR...He's got all the tools to be a great cornerback and I really hope the pacman jones saga doesn't scare us away from the obvious pick.
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    Honestly if all the "Top DEs" are taken, I'd go for Peter Konz. Yes, it would be a reach, but C is def our 2nd biggest need (depending if we don't make another move for a C).

    Luckily this is a DEEP DL class, and we could draft an impact DE in the 2nd... like Vinny Curry if he falls a little :)
  4. Titaneers

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    off the field questions at CB... sorry, but we're not making that mistake again..
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    I'm shooting for Perry or Coples with our first pick, I love Vinny Curry put from what I read his drop has been dropping hopefully we can snag him in the 2nd or even move up to get him.

    If Perry or Coples is gone I would love to get the best defensive playmaker available we are hosting visits from Kirkpatrick and Kuechly. Wouldn't mind seeing either guy on this team or Thompson, Cox, Still.

    Throw in some wild cards like a Floyd if top defensive talent is gone.

    I'm not sold on on Konz I'm much higher on Philip Blake.
  6. TheSureThing

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    yeah so lets reach for some scrub DE or DT who probably won't make an impact for 2 years if ever.
  7. Stan

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    I have to agree with you here, I've been on the Jenkins bandwagon for quite some time. However, if we get Tracy Porter then I do think that will eliminate Jenkins and Kirkpatrick from our board.
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    If we don't sign a CB, like Porter, CB has to be one of the top needs. You have two CB's (Kirk and Jenkins) who are rated very high but their stock is low. If one of them is there at #20 it's going to be real hard to convince me to go with someone else when the DL class is pretty deep. We can get a CB with the talent of being a pro bowler (with some risk) or take a shot with a DE. I could even make a case to still draft Barron and move Babs to Nickel, which he played in Seattle. If you want to go LB then Luke and Dont'a might be there.

    It's not so cut and dry like some imagine, DL will probably be the pick but we might be leaving a lot of talent on the board.
  9. Deuce Wayne

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    If Mercilus, Coples, or Branch are there at 20 we take them.

    If not, then we look toward G, CB, DT... but I wouldn't even mind if we took Brandon Thompson rd 1. Screw projections.
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    When was the last time a team won a Super Bowl with a top CB on their team? Deion Sanders?

    I guess Charles Woodson, but he plays everywhere now. Maybe Ty Law?