So far, 250 of 256 draft picks have signed contracts

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    [​IMG] The vast majority of the NFL’s business is done, heading into the five weeks of down time before training camp.

    But there are still a few stragglers in terms of the easiest business teams can do.

    Only six unsigned draft picks remain (of 256), and it’s not as if doing these deals is complicated or time-consuming.

    The unsigned six include three first rounders: Browns cornerback Justin Gilbert (8th overall), Titans tackle Taylor Lewan (11th), and Patriots defensive tackle Dominique Easley (29th).

    Two second-rounders remain: Jaguars wide receivers Marqise Lee (39th) and Allen Robinson (61st), and you figure they could be done in one sitting.
    Dolphins tackle Billy Turner (67th) is the lone third-rounder, the lowest remaining unsigned pick.

    Waiting for these guys, and crossing off the list, at least gives us something to do.

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    Titans are just trying to stay relevant and in the news ... great marketing campaign guys!!!

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