Smash and Dash is back

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    I think any other power RB could have done the same, its also why his last years were played with us. If he was as good as we thought he was, someone would have picked him up. All teams would love to have a guy who could find the endzone. He just benefited from being in the right circumstances.

    I could be wrong (and theres no way to find out), but Ill never believe otherwise. I do not, have not, and will never support that fat POS on any occasion.
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    He played for Denver and Seattle after us, but he got hurt in both camps and just gave up on football.

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    LenDale probably never did anything after leaving Tennessee because all he wanted to do was party and fight cops. But the dude had talent.
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    Too many players like that.
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    With the Seahawks

    A source told that the fourth-year running back was cut Friday by Seattle because his effort level “stood out like a sore thumb” compared to other players on the roster. White’s physical conditioning also was poor despite his having lost 45 pounds within the past year. (side note: how the hell can you call yourself a real NFL player if you have to lose 45 lbs to "get into football shape")

    The source said the release was not related to an NFL Network report that White was facing a four-game suspension for failing a drug test. However, the positive test was confirmed although it remains uncertain whether White failed for a recreational or performance-enhancing substance.

    Even his uncle said he wasnt doing good. He was cut 5 weeks into camp after giving up a draft pick for him.

    I generally dont link fox but I didnt want to spend much time on LW.

    Then he showed up in Denver 5 lbs heavier than he was "in the best shape of his life" in Seattle. Tore his Achilles, poor tendon probably couldn't hold him up anymore.

    His lack of effort has ALWAYS been my problem with him. With us, he was basically handed the starting job, and still showed up out of shape and not ready to take football seriously.

    I know you are not so much defending him, as much as you are happy that our running attack should go back to how it was during that time. Which I am happy about as well.
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    LenDale is not important at this time, what is is that we have a chance for smash and dash to be back and effective. Greene had that massive hole because of our OLine, so if you want to say any big back could have made that play, well who cares because ours did. And if the constantly have holes like that to run through, we'll be in good shape. I loved what I saw from our running game, but as I said before it's week 1 of preseason. I'm withholding any judgement until the stoolers game.
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    I don't think CJ should EVER get those 3rd downs and short yardage! That's when the boot rolls on fakes to Greene are gonna be deadly because he picks up the shorties so frequent. For crapsake, use Greene for what he's good at!
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    Definitely should be putting Greene in on short yardage situations.

    #1 - because he gets the short yardage almost every time
    #2 - (as you mentioned) since he is so good at that role, teams will sell out to stop it allowing fakes to be even more effective
    #3 - Greene has good hands, so a fake and quick throw to him could be a good option in short situations as well.
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    and snacks. and liquor. and 100 lbs.
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