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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky [​IMG]Numbers that bode well, and maybe not so well, for the Houston Texans.
    Silver linings: The first-down offense has been pretty good, averaging 6.42 yards, the sixth-best number in the league and the best in the AFC.
    After Sunday's game in Jacksonville, the Texans return home for four consecutive games. And after Indianapolis, they draw three teams -- Miami, Detroit and Cincinnati -- they should have a talent advantage against.
    The Texans have only prompted opponents to punt three times in two games, but they're not letting anybody bring the ball back much with just a 4-yard return average.
    Storm clouds: Matt Schaub's five interceptions in 70 pass attempts give the Texans the highest percent intercepted in the league (7.14 percent). They are allowing a sack per every 8.75 pass play. Their 14.5 points per game ranks 28th in the league.
    The defense has allowed eight touchdowns in eight opponent's trips inside the 20-yard line.
    Big-play receiver Andre Johnson struggled against Tennessee and is averaging only 11.8 yards a catch. In nine games last year, he averaged 14.2

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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