Should the Titans trade for a CB?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JCBRAVE, Aug 20, 2013.

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    Bernard Pollard is the first player i've seen on defense since Finnegan left thats tried to instill an attitude and aggressive play on defense.As soon as Finnegan left there was no one else on defense doing what he did.I think it would've been cool to see Pollard and Finnegan both together on our defense.
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    I know this doesn't matter, but i'm still wishing we took Kenny Vacarro in the first round. I just think the kid is going to be special. I was hoping Mia @ 12 would leap infront of SD for #10. I'm happy with Warmack, however.
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    I was convinced we were going DB in the first. No vet corners signed and a journeyman safety on a one-year deal. Lots of veteran o-linemen signed.

    Oh well.
  4. Titans Eternal

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    I don't like that we traded up for Hunter, considering what we had to give up. I guess I get why they did it, if we lose Britt next season...but he's still here this year. Why couldn't we keep our 2014 3rd pick and have just selected something to boost our secondary w/ the Hunter pick?
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    It is crazy in the nfl some of the contracts they get handed out. Wimbley gets a MONSTER deal for what, and then Asomanahshaha( spell check) was on the market forever and gets a bare minimum contract. The dude was everyone's favorite corner two years ago. It just seems like in all these situations you might as well just take a flyer on a guy to see if he'll work out, like we did with Moss.

    I don't understand why some guys just linger on the market forever, or end up retiring. Wtih John Abraham it seems like money/ego issues but honestly that dude can ball, how is he not helping someone?
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    Smh. I know it's irrelevant but I wanted Mathieu or Banks in 2nd round and Demontre Moore in the 3rd , they're looking good in camp. I agree with you, we could also use a real DT next to Casey. I think Hunter will develop though in time
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    Are you sure? (checking your signature line)

    I got slammed for suggesting we look at Vacarro in the first. And actually thought we were going to take him.
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    I understand wanting help in the secondary, and I agree with it. That said, did any of you want to see another year of a piss-poor running game, locker running for his life and getting hurt? That line need fixing, and that was priority #1 IMO.

    edit- That really only pertains to getting a DB in the first. Later rounds I'd agree with. Hope WW can become a legit starter. I thought everyone was high on him? Has he not had a good camp, I seem to recall people saying we might have got a steal with him?
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    I've often thought about this and I agree 100% that Seattle is the most logical trade partner. Not just because they're stacked at CB but because we're stacked at a position they're weak at, WR.

    I say trade Kenny Britt, who is in the last year of his contract. Since they lost Harvin they need a big play WR and Kenny could be that guy for them and their missing piece. Plus just think of Harvin and Britt on the field at the same time after Harvin recovers. That would be scary for any defense!

    Sherman would be perfect for us. I know Seattle wouldn't want to give him up but don't you think going from having 3 stud CBs and no depth at WR, to 2 stud CBs and having Kenny Britt would be advantageous for them? It seems like it would work out for both sides. Heck if they're worried about their CB depth we could throw in Campbell or Sensabaugh.

    I may be looking at this too much from our side but it seems like a trade that is fair to both teams and would improve both teams. Because this teams lack of depth at CB scares me. I would hate to see Kenny go, but no way we're going to resign him this year. If he has a breakout year we won't be able to afford him, if he doesn't play well we won't want to resign him
  10. Finnebosch

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    So you are honestly saying that a trade for Kenny Britt and Richard Sherman is fair? That's ridiculous.

    Sherman is either the best or second best corner in the NFL while Britt is a talented, underachiever with bad knees. I don;t even know if Webster would get the chance to finish his sentence before the Seahawks GM hangs up and pisses himself for laughing so hard.
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