Should Taylor Thompson be used more?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitansWillWin2, Oct 24, 2013.

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    Prove it - I'd be willing to bet both Walker and Stevens are a lot better.
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    Ok regardless play stevens more too then. Walker has not been an all pro blocker like we thought he was going to be. Or a stud receiving TE.

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    What games are you watching? Walker has looked sharp. Even when he messes up, he makes a heads up play to keep it from becoming disastrous. He was a great addition.
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    Delanie Walker quotes:
    We all have to do our jobs. I take some of that blame, too, because I let all of this get to my head. I played out of my character. I had a holding call that they called on me and I had a couple of missed assignments. That’s the stuff we talked about that we can’t have, and you know we did a lot of that. With a good team like this, you can’t do that. They’ll put points on the board, and we didn’t. We seemed to come back at the end, and then we had more penalties that set us back. That stuff we can’t have. We all have to look in the mirror and see our own image and see what we can do better. It’s everybody. Not one person. It’s the whole team.

    And I was dropping passes, penalties, not doing the right assignment.


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    And still showed up after all that for a TD late. The guy is good, IDC what drivel you dig up, he's a great player for us.
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    Walker has been less than impressive as a blocker. He has had more blown assignments and holding calls than he has run opening blocks.

    I would have no problem going with 2WR 2TE sets with both Stevens and Thompson being on the field together. And then throw the ball to one of them on playaction after having pounded the ball with Green running behind them.

    You have to let teams know that you are willing to use everyone on the field as a target. This includes the FB as well. Give Mooney the rock sometime and make the Lbers worry about the quick dive play and then toss it out to CJ.

    I'm hoping we will see more of the offense playbook as the year goes on.
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    Lol arguing with this guy is just plain bad for your health bro. He says the absolute worst, and dumbest ish.

    He said walker has done wrong assignments... That right there tells you he's full of it. Walker played for the 9ers and their constant audibles and he was commended for being the glue. The guy who never got it wrong. Smartest guy on the field status... Pointless with TWW2
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    The reason Thompson isn't getting more snaps is we are using Walker at TE and Mooney at FB. As previously noted if we then bring in Thompson we are now in a big set and we are obviously looking to run the ball.

    While I have liked what I've seen from Mooney so far as a FB I'd like to see more two TE sets with Walker and Thompson less Mooney. We can still run the ball but also have a better passing formation.
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    average player at best. That td came in garbage time and was just a great throw by Jake.
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    That's the thing about this offense. I do like the way they're using Jake, but they're misusing a lot of other pieces. I can't remember ever our TE's not being so less involved. If it's a drop back pass it's pretty much going to Nate or Kendall, that's it. We really need to mix it up.

    If we aren't going to use Thompson at TE and only on teams, I say line him up at DE and let him rush the passer. He had like 10 sacks at DE his last year in college. At least get some use out of him, since we moved up for him.

    This brings me to my last point. Have you guys seen the TE from UNC named Ebron? This guy is a beast and all around TE. Blocks great, 4.5 speed, great hands. Reminds me of Antonio Gates. If we can't get more production out of our TE's this year, I'm ALL for drafting this kind in the 1st. Our offense is dysfunctional right now and we need something to give us a spark.