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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by TitanJeff, Sep 3, 2007.

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    Well, I take my post and my beer back...

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    i <3

    slow or fast

    i <3
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    who doesn't...
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    This coming from the guy who said that was ran by a bunch of monkeys. So, I take it your a fan of monkeys then?
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    Things have gotten quieter on this thread.

    A good sign,
    [people don't have as much to complain about]

    or bad?
    [they can't even get here to post a complaint.]
  8. Yea every time in the past two hours i have been getting a message saying that the server is too busy, and thats just trying to get logged in. Theres no telling how long its going to take for this message to finally post. Its 12:24 where i am right now, it would be a miracle if it posted before i go sleep in the next 10 minutes but things happen. I was just wondering if anything else is going to be done or if i should just make a new account because it seems for some reason that this one is not working properly at all...
  9. So i looked at the post time and i realized that it posts it as soon as i press the send button, but it took 20 min for me to get back to the page to see my post because of the server is too busy message... and its 12:40 at night... i doubt the server is busy at all.
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