Second-year WRs Now Older and Wiser

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, Aug 4, 2006.

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    Well we have to lean towards either roby or williams until we see the impact of that injury to jones. Without the injury i would consider jones on an equal par with givens and bennett. Maybe that will still be the case.

    I'm partial to roby from the beginning because of his speed but all three look pretty good. The WR situation last year allowed these guys to play a lot more than they normally would with most teams and should help them this season.

    That gives us 4 solid guys with jones coming back and calico and wade in the mix. We should be able to field 3 quality WRs on any given sunday and with our Improved running game and solid corp of TEs we can be dangerous. The seeds have been sown and now volek can reap the harvest!
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    I'm hoping that's how it comes out RT. I was saying Wade would make the squad, but he's still getting good reviews and might be our #3. I think we're ok with Roby and Williams too and don't need to rush Jones back, but they're already bringing him back to practice. I don't think Calico even makes the team at this point.
Thread Status:
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