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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by ScotTitan, Mar 24, 2011.

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  1. LTF

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    I really am thinking that the longer the labor problems go on the more I don't want us to waste a first or second round pick on a QB. Unless we have something just fall into our lap we should just get a vet and look to next year. This year will be used for getting accustomed to a new head coach and coordinators while trying to use the old regimes playbook.
    We need QB, G/C, power RB, DT, DE(2), LB(WLB and MLB), SS. Now we might have the SS, MLB and G/C already on the roster that can step up, but that still leaves too many holes to fill with one draft. I like the Idea of getting the extra picks but not sure if we can pull something like that off.
  2. PAtitansfan53

    PAtitansfan53 Kush & OJ

    Love the Cam Jordan pick I think he is going to be awesome wherever he goes and wouldn't mind it being Tennessee.
  3. ScotTitan

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    There is gonna be a lot of interest in pick 8, come draft day, we need to wait to see what happens and who falls, if Bowers, Green, Peterson and/or Fairley are there then the phone will be going nuts. If Miller/Gabbert/Dareus are there I could see us staying where we are.
    Teams that could be interested.

    LTF,I agree we have a lot of holes and feel as though I did a job filling them with this mock. Could add a C or ILB somewhere.
  4. ScotTitan

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    Yeah the dude had to be straight up told to stop destroying people at senior bowl drills. Pure strength and a pure fit opposite Morgan in our front four.
  5. HeadOnASwivel

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    You totally stole my thunder; the draft I'm putting together is almost the exact same as yours, even with the trades. I think there will be three realistic trade opportunities with the eight pick, those are Detroit, San Diego and New England. I'm more inclined to go see New England trading up this year, but I'm still trying to figure out which trade will be more probable. I have was going to snatch Campbell in the 2nd, but it would have ended up being earlier than you had him going. I'll be posting mine in a couple weeks; needless to say I love the draft you have going here.
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  6. xpmar9x

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    With the trades projected. Here's my mock draft.

    18. J.J. Watt - Non-stop motor guy. My #2 43 DE this year (Bowers #1), heck JJ is big enough to play DT is we needed him too. I think he'd be better at DE.
    39. Martez Wilson - I'm an Illini guy, so this pick is a little bias. But Martez is a tackling machine, and would be a great fit for the Titans. He could play 4-3 MLB or OLB, which would be perfect for us. If Tulloch walks, he could start MLB. If Tulloch returns he could battle for a starting OLB spot.
    50. Ryan Mallett - Mallett would have to fall a little, I doubt he'd be available at 50. But if he was, he's a must must must pick.
    77. Marvin Austin - Big DT, which is a must need for the Titans.
    89. Clint Boling - Possible starting LG? Played against great SEC D-Lines.
    100. Daniel Thomas - CJ needs a break, Daniel Thomas is the guy who could provide that. I also wouldn't mind DeMarco Murray here. Titans need a 2 back set to provide CJ a little rest, which we haven't had since LenWhale was traded. Thomas, when healthy, is a monster.. and reminds me of AP.
    107. Tyler Sash - My personal favorite safety in this draft, besides Rahim Moore.
    139. Curtis Marsh - Big CB, good speed. It would be nice to have a good size CB (6'1) to replace Mouton. Eventually if he could develop he'd make a nice CB to face the opposing Big WRs.

    ..can we even trade picks without a CBA?
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