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    I went into the preseason expecting Velasco to be our starter this season. Velasco has been solid his entire career, but apparently he has fallen to the point that Rob Turner might take over his job.

    Got news for you, Rob Turner is not a starting caliber center. He's great for depth, or to come in for a game or two if we lose a starter, but if he is starting on your O-line, you have issues.

    Schwenke is the future center for us, and our coaching staff loves him. Ruston and Munch called him the best center in the draft, so naturally I expect the dude to be good. I don't care that he "looks" like a Center, he is extremely athletic and is expected to be our center for years to come.

    I was fine with Velasco starting for another season; I'm not fine with Turner starting.
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    Who's Amano?
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    Eugene Amano was our starting center for the last past several season moved over from being a solid guard starter, after Kevin Mawae left the team after the 2009 season. He is not with the team anymore as Fernando Velasco has taken rank. But with the disposition of the coaching staff regarding how poorly the offensive line played and injured last season, the center position is being shopped around for it's starter this off season.

    Brian Schwenke was one of the best overall offensive linemen in the entire country at Cal and is a super version of Kevin Mawae if that makes any sense in his overall size and talent level. This is a kid at 6-5 and 325 of pure mussel mass over typical linemen body fat. This is the real deal when it comes to the future. One of my favorite off season singings this year was Rob Turner from St. Louis that truly frustrated Jeff Fisher being able not to retain him and coming to all places Nashville. However, I was very disappointed in his game play last Thursday, with a few moments here and there of solid play warranting his signing.

    I hope the "who's Amano" post above wasn't sarcasm because I don't want to feel stupid answering this way.
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    should of asked before the well thought out explanation
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    Believe me...we all know who Amano is. This board threw a party the day he got released. The joke here is that we all wish we could forget he was ever on our team. Sarcasm at its finest.
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    No way this guy beats out 2 veteran players at that position that normally requires more experience. The best thing for him is to work hard and learn and he'll get his chance next year when Velasco is gone as a UFA.

    I think Velasco will be our starting center when the season begins and Turner will be a nice backup to the three inside positions. .
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    We thought enough of this guy to take him over Barett Jones and he was drafted mainly to play center since the 2 guard spots are covered for the next 4 seasons or more.

    Still a 4th rd pick rarely starts in year one. I agree, great value where we got him even if he is nothing more than a quality backup.

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    Heres how the depth chart should look by week-1


    Turner is better than Velasco becuase Velasco sucks. And Schwenke is too green to start right now but hopfully he takes the job from Turner somtime soon.
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    Schwenke is no where near "pure muscle" dude has an extremely ugly, fatty build. That being said everything else you said is spot on and he will definitely be a force for us. I only chimed in cause I remember Mayock saying he's an "ugly body, great play guy" ad naseum before the draft. Never seen fat move with such agility before.
  10. titantrusince82

    titantrusince82 I'm down with the Titans for better or worse

    I was being sarcastic. It's allgood. Welcome to the board!
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