Ryan Fitzpatrick vs the Chiefs

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JCBRAVE, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. Aqutis30

    Aqutis30 They may have the Coin, but I have the Quan.

    Indeed, lets pop that first loss cherry!
  2. Anthony4Titans

    Anthony4Titans Starter

    Thanks for that info. I obviously have seen much more of the Titans so it is helpful to hear first hand from someone who watches them all the time. I admittedly was going mostly by the defensive rankings and I know that one or two long runs here and there can make it appear different than what it is.

    How has your O line fared so far? These Titans have been really successful with their pass rush.
  3. TitanMark

    TitanMark Starter

    This is pretty much the same Chiefs team that went 2-14 last season. They arent a toally different team. They may be coached different, but they turned into the 2004 New England Patriots with Alex Smith playing Tom Brady. I think the Chiefs are a good team, just not a great team. The Titans should handle them at home. Just play good defense get after Smith and contain the Chief special teams.
  4. pettso

    pettso Starter

    I'd disagree with this being "the same Chiefs team." When you change your QB and coach, it makes you a new team. The Chiefs are playing turnover-free football which is probably the biggest change from last year. Alex Smith isn't going to light you up, but he's more than capable of bleeding you to death, especially in Andy Reid's offense. Chiefs are a confident bunch, just like the Titans and I expect a fairly close game decided by stupidity (turnovers and big penalties) and whoever is more effective at stopping the run.

    The thing that really worries me about the Titans is we really haven't been able to get the run going. We invested so much in the OL and I've seen little improvement in run blocking. Jets and Texans have great fronts so I hope its more a product of than, rather than our coaching/play calling.

    EGMNOW Rookie

    The Chiefs offensive line is not that good. They're better at pass protection than run blocking, and have given up 11 sacks if that tells you something. They didn't give up any sacks last week, but then again the Giants aren't sacking anyone.

    The starting left guard is probably out again this week, but Geoff Schwartz has filled in without any noticeable screw-ups. The RT, #1 pick Eric Fisher, left last week's game with a concussion and has played better, but again his back-up Donald Stephenson isn't a huge drop-off.

    One anamoly with the line is that they play much better, especially rush-blocking, as time goes on. I think it's a combination of play-calling and Jamaal Charles getting some carries, but for the first three quarters of each game he averages about 3 ypc. In the fourth quarter the light comes on and he's averaging 7+ ypc.

    In summary it's a really schitzophenic line that has probably masked below-average play by never having to come from behind (the Chiefs have trailed something like 5 minutes the whole season). I'd say you'll get some pressure on Alex Smith but you have to sustain it as KC is one of the top scoring offense in the fourth quarter. Another thing is the past three weeks we have completely shut down teams in the last frame with long (7-9 minutes) drives to run out the clock.
  6. Ten_Titans

    Ten_Titans Pro Bowler

    If it comes down to Fitz single handedly winning the game.. Yes, we are screwed.

    If our defense forces a turnover or two and Fitz can capitalize while continuing the no turnover streak, I feel pretty good about it.

    If that happens, we squeak out a close one IMO.
  7. Carolina

    Carolina Starter

    The Chiefs are one of the big surprises this year. I can't believe they are 4-0, but they are definitely the real deal. Should be a hell of a game. Just wish we had Jake.
  8. Carolina

    Carolina Starter

    I think Alex Smith brings a lot to the table for you. San Fran may have won the super bowl if they had started him. I would love to know what you think has initiated this big turn around. I know Smith and Reid have a lot to do with it.
  9. Anthony4Titans

    Anthony4Titans Starter

    Yea, those methodical drives in the 4th quarter are concerning. I'm kinda nervous about this one and would feel better if we had Jake but I'm hoping Fitz can get the job done.
  10. titan_fan_4ever

    titan_fan_4ever Titans Rule

    Prisco's picks (CBS)

    The Titans will start Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback for the injured Jake Locker. He doesn't have the mobility of Locker, which will hurt here. But Fitzpatrick beat the Chiefs last year while with the Bills. I expect the Tennessee defense to come up big in this one. The Titans get to 4-1. Titans 20, Chiefs 17.

    I can't believe he choose us to win. If we still had Lock then I'd understand, but the fact that he thinks we'll win without him is kind of shocking...

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