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    Dude haven't you read this forum before??

    2011 counts for other coaches but does not count for Munch. Only 2012 counts for Munch. DUuuuuuh
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    Yeah I know. LOL

    But like I said, it's FO's responsibility to get the best players/prospects in the door. And it's the coaches' responsibility to get the best out of them. That's why I blame them more.

    While I blame CJ for not giving full effort 100% of the time, and I blame Griffin for being a gigantic vag with muscles, it's ultimately up to the coaches to hold them accountable and give them an attitude adjustment when necessary. I just don't see nearly enough accountability on this team. And that goes all the way from the player-level up to the FO-level.
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    Well I think everyone here is making some pretty good points, don't really have the time to quote all these different posts. I think letting Munch have the third year is a good choice for the franchise, who would want to come to a place where they know they wouldn't be given a reasonable amount of time to instill their system. So maybe they don't think he's the right guy like most of us don't believe but this is a good PR move for our organization.

    Now I like some of you don't see the attitude change like the Jim and Pete examples that have been given. Something like that does come instantly, and Munch just doesn't seem to exhibit that type of leadership. I think another great coach not mentioned is Mike Tomlin, granted he got a great team but he's also done a great job with them.

    We also have the players to blame as well though. CJ didn't look like himself till midway through the season. To Munch and the FO credit, as pointed out earlier, they did try to fix the line last offseason. They brought in multiple centers, but they chose to go elsewhere. Telling sign maybe? Hutchinson just wasn't nearly the player he was before coming here, I guess they didn't see such a drastic drop off happening. And to add to the troubles our line became pretty injury riddled. So for the line it was just unfortunate but there was an attempt made.

    Locker was really the last big problem for us. I was huge on his bandwagon but this year surprised me very much... in a bad way. Coming into the draft I thought he was good at reading coverages and making line adjustments, we didn't see that at all this year. Hell, he got hurt pretty badly because of it. Was the play calling rubbish? Probably so, but I'm not sure it improved much under Loggains. It was our offenses inability to sustain drives that ultimately killed our defense. We were in that first game with the Texans until we turned it over and gave them two easy touchdowns. Our offense imploded, while our defense was actually keeping up against their high-powered offense (at the time).

    Sorry this is so long, its been a while since i've had time to sit down and share my thoughts. This is one of the few really good discussions that we've had since our season ended here though so its been awesome reading everyones thoughts. Lets keep it up!
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    can anyone tell me what happened to velachos last year?? starter at bama who i was high on and we signed him as an undrafted fa and i figured he would of been alright....can anyone help me out
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    Pretty sure we took a waiver on him. He might be practice squad. If not, he's out the league. I'm pretty sure we took that waiver.
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    Titans gave him a shot.
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    Chance Warmack and Andy Levitre
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