Running Success Changes Week to Week

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    SUMMARY: Despite one of the best rushing games in franchise history last week against the Jaguars, there is no guarantee they can repeat that success against the Colts. "Every week’s a challenge. It’s not an easy thing to run against the Jaguars. We just happened to have a good afternoon. Just because you run effectively against one team doesn’t mean it’s going to carry over to the next week, said Titans coach Jeff Fisher. "You have to work at it. The Colts have become a much-improved team against the run, as we said last year in the playoff run, and certainly in game number one. It’s going to be very important that we’re able to run the football, take time off the clock and maintain possession of the ball. But you can’t just do it because you did it last week."

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    This is the only thread I can see right now... something about Parse Error and syntax error T_string and a source code with jeff's name in it on some random line #.... :/
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