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    On that CJ fumble in the 1st quarter, we ran to the right vs a 8-man front, but 7 of those guys were leaning to their left. We had only 5 blockers go right. Since 7>5 I have NO idea why we stuck to that play. Thats whats frustrating to me to see, we're running into crowded space instead of away from it. CJ needs space, we keep hearing that, so whyyyyy run right with 5 blockers when 7 of them are showing you where theyre going??????
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  2. Kaeotik

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    I'm with him. I've been saying all along that if CJ had the holes to run through like he did early in his career, he would have somewhat similar numbers. This team has wasted a once in a lifetime RB talent (speed wise) with horrendous blocking and an inept passing game for 3 years now.
  3. Finnegan2win

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    Jackie Battle could run though gaping holes, CJ is paid to make **** happen when it's not handed to him on a silver platter.
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  4. TitansWillWin2

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    Why don't you give up the picture of finnegan as your avatar? He's a scrub now and not even on our team.
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    Jackie can get 6 yards on those holes. CJ can get 20 or more for a TD
  6. Finnegan2win

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    People still wear Eddie George stuff and he finished as a Cowboy and finished with pretty bad seasons too.

    Difference is I'm not over here slobbing his knob every week making excuses.
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    That's the job for the QB to see that and either change to a counter run or just get out of entirely. If we had Peyton, everytime there were 8 in the box he would audible and make an easy completion.
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    The ypc for our backs..


    So why not dump CJ and Greene, get 2 backup caliber guys and perhaps a Danny Woodhead type to catch the ball? It seems to make no difference who is carrying the ball so most of the blame has to be on CJ if he can't outperform a journeyman like Battle.

    In 2009 it didn't mater how many men were in the box and of course teams loaded up to stop him and he got the yardage anyway. Same thing with teams that played the Vikings last year. In 2009 our line was no better we have Amano, at left guard.
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    I was under the impression Jake went into the huddle and called two plays, so he would have the option to audible to another play (notice: you hear him check, check, check alot at the line of scrimmage).

    This tells me Loggains was not really paying attention to the defensive formations we were going against or he was being stubborn and trying to run against it anyway. This infuriates me, because Loggains has the opportunity to call plays from the box where he can see (the field) and he also can talk to Jake and ask him what he is seeing out there so that he can make appropriate adjustments.

    Loggains needs to be slapped on site if he has this STRUGGLING offense running into 8 and 9 man fronts.

    LET THESE KIDS PLAY AND GIVE THEM THE RESOURCES THEY NEED TO SUCCEED. Like an audible to throw it when the box is stacked.

    He needs to reevaluate his offensive structure. I honestly think we focus more on adding new plays each week instead of execution. Execution is key.
  10. Fry

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    You guys acting like its impossible to run against loaded fronts are crazy. You don't think great running backs have seen eight+ in the box their entire careers since the beginning of moden football?

    New flash, the Rams had eight+ in the box almost the whole game and we went for 198 yards.
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