Rookie Ford Down with Possible Achilles Injury

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. A living legend. Staff

    SUMMARY: Last year, DT Rien Long went down with an Achilles injury. This year, it appears rookie DE Jacob Ford suffered a left Achilles injury in a one-on-one pass rush drill early in Monday's practice. "It looks like he's injured his Achilles and we're evaluating him," Coach Jeff Fisher said. The Titans are thin at DE and the only offseason move they made to address the position was drafting Ford. Last week, rookie DT Antonio Johnson was lost for the season with an ACL injury.

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  2. TNThunder

    TNThunder Guest

    We lose more players in practice than games. Maybe a better drill? Did Long play last week? I know Laboy didn't.
  3. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    Yea we could replace the one on one line drills with the guys playing Madden instead.

    Long did play a few snaps and he has been participating from day one in camp. They are just being cautious IMO.
  4. Childress79

    Childress79 Loungefly ®

    Darn it. I like the look of Ford. He looks like a player who never quits on a play.

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  5. Titan_4Good.

    Titan_4Good. Guest

    These guys Laboy,Troupe need to step up and trying to stay healthy. They are getting paid to be on the trainers room, c'mon step up or go on! I like Odom he is steping up, Givens are you ready.. GO TITANS!!
  6. Alex1939

    Alex1939 Space Invaders Champion

    We have the worst injury luck. Lose both of our rookie DL picks for the season!?!

    Is it just bad luck, or is it something else?
  7. zackmann

    zackmann Guest

    just another reason why we should have used our 3rd rounder on a DE instead of another WR...
  8. DJB

    DJB Starter


    How do you step up and stay healthy. Guys get hurt because they're not stepping up?:))
  9. nendzone

    nendzone All Titans, All the Time

    It's just bad luck. Happens all around the league.
  10. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne #CoachKegstand

    It doesnt happen as much to other teams. It's crap conditioning and we've had it for far too long. When the season starts we'll see guys going down every other play. I never see it with other teams, but we literally have a guy limping around every 2-3 plays.
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