Role Players Key to Titans Success

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    SUMMARY: A big part of the Titans 10-0 start has been the ability of role players to step up and fill a void when needed. When Kyle Vanden Bosch went down to a groin injury, Dave Ball and Jacob Ford stepped in and have recorded 7.5 between them a month later. When Nick Harper couldn't go last week, Eric King stepped in and had a solid day. When he went down Sunday in Jacksonville, Chris Carr played well recording an INT. "Those guys are on this team for a reason. People may not know them outside of this locker room and this organization, but every time their number has been called, they’ve done a great job," Tony Brown said. "It just goes to show that this organization is doing something right, because I’m one of those guys. I was one of those guys myself, and we have to show it every time."

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Thread Status:
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