Refs need to be fined when missing obvious calls...

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Darryl_Licht, Sep 22, 2013.

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    fine them 1000-2500 per blown easy calls, I can understand it when it's a bang-bang play or a difficult call and they mess up
  2. Gut

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    As TJ said, the officials get graded on each game and if they don't grade well, it will cost them a chance to ref in the playoffs or the Super Bowl so that's money they won't make!

    Both on field calls were wrong. Nate caught the first one, had 2 feet down and tucked it (tucking it IS A FOOTBALL MOVE) and was turning when it was knocked out. The whole football move is BS because there is NO DEFINITION of what constitutes a football move (so refs can call it and not be constantly over turned when they are wrong). So did he catch it? Yes. Both feet down? Yes. Tcuked it? Yes. Made a move? Yes. Incomplete? Somehow...

    On the second, again, does not compute. He caught the ball with the front of one foot down, came down with the other foot and never lost the ball. HOW can that be incomplete? if you compare that to Gates' TD where Gates bobbles the ball...both are bang bang plays and both are receptions. I can see how the ref missed it on the field because Nates foot came up so fast he thought his 2nd foot down was the only foot down, but on replay it is obvious!

    This was one of the worst officiated games Ive ever seen...not only for blown calls (even after review on replay) but the total disparity in calls (by the measure they used to call them, not necessarily in quantity...though that was alarming also). I mean, Pollard makes a great play on gates to break up a pass...PI. Locker throws a bomb to hunter where the DB first grabs his back and then grabs an arm call??? And Britt block in the back was ridiculous! Such ticky tacky calls I don't personally like, but it's fine as long as you're consistent on both sides. they guys were FAR from consistent which made the first half hard to watch and not throw something at the screen!!!

    Still, was happy they got 2 calls right in the first half...that total pick play nullifying their TD and Rivers unsportsman like after he spent 2mins screaming at the officials! He'll feel like an idiot after he watches the tape! It was flagrant even these refs had to call it!

    Interesting thing is, the Jets were called for 20 penalties against the Bills. Could see a LOT of laundry on the ground next week! Check the 'lowlights' of the Jets game, Wilson had like 4 penalties on him in a row of either PI or unsportsmanlike and basically put the Bills in position to tie the game!
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    Did you never watch Neverending Story?
  4. RavensShallBurn

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    Both challenges were absolutely garbage and I was shaking my head when Munchak threw both flags. He seemed to just want to please the crowd.

    Take off your homer glasses for a second, and look at the play in front of you. Neither pass was completed. These were desperation challenges by Munchak, and I hope he learned his lesson. Burning timeouts and using up all your challenges like that can be costly.

    Having said all that, the refs were absolute crap today. Two defensive PI's in the endzone that aren't called. The Pollard PI was definitely a legit call, but based on the fact that they don't call those for us, it shouldn't have been called. At least be consistent.

    Also, if the Britt (who is a complete joke) holding call on the Wright completion was from him literally placing his hands on the defender at the end of the play, then F the refs. Also, on Griffin's pick, at worst that was defensive holding, not PI. Refs are a joke... and since we're not a big market it won't be a big deal.

    And then you have Chargers fans whining and wanting an offensive PI on Justin Hunter. Stfu, bums. That game was gift-wrapped for you with bad calls and the muffed punt, and you still couldn't win.

    Some Chargers chode was flicking off the field at the end of the game and saying "don't push off, that's cheating!" I had a thing or two to say to that f*cknut... just basically said what I said above. He, of course, had no response.
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    At least they got this call right. LOL.
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    I'm not familiar.
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    Both reviews were correctly called on the officials part. Coming from a titans fan, Washington did not make the catches. Definitely not the second one. That missed pass interference was unacceptable. But the titans need to watch what they're doing out there. Way too many penalties. But overall played well.
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    Before rivers kicked it, their was a forward pass they didn't catch. I would have thrown my beer at the TV if they pulled that off and scored.
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    I think that the NFL needs to do what hockey does in terms of replay. They have a person who is not even at the game review the play and make the call. I think it is hard on the head official to overturn calls made by guys in their own crew. They also have bias as to knowing down/distance/and how the call affects the game. If you have an unbiased observer who does not know any of the surrounding facts then you will get a better judgment more often than not. Just let the offsite official look at that one play and that one play only.


    You ready for ticket prices to double? Those refs get paid a mint!
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