Record heat could work in Jags' favor vs. Bills

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky JACKSONVILLE -- Today's Jaguars-Bills game is likely to be the hottest ever played here.
    Three times the Jaguars have played in 88-degree weather, and they've won all three of those games, most recently over Atlanta in 2007.
    It's expected to be 90 at kickoff today, and according to it will feel like 96 with the humidity.
    The Jags have overestimated their advantage in heat in the past. Last year they thought it would give them a major edge in 86-degree weather against Tennessee on opening day and they wore down while the Titans handled it better.
    I searched out Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News to ask about the Bills in the heat, and he said an average training camp day was 75 degrees. If the game is still up in the air in the fourth quarter, he expects the heat to be a factor for the Bills.
    Considering the Jaguars' patchwork offensive line, they will take any edge they can get.
    Be back shortly with some news out of the inactive list. I think we'll see D'Juan Woods, the receiver just elevated from the practice squad, up as Dennis Northcutt's back could become an issue today.

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    Yeah, the Bills will just roll over because of the heat. :rolleyes:
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