Reasons Griffin is Best Titan

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewHorizans, Aug 14, 2013.


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    Fans want to connect with players but thats not always a mutual feeling.

    I dont care how a player responds to the fans so long as he produces.

    Mike Griffin loves his 4 fans ok, that doesnt make him the best anything.
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  2. UrbanLegend3

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    Agreed and TC never stated as such. To the contrary, he prefaced his entire statement by including the fact that his play on the field is lacking to prevent exactly what ended up happening in this thread anyway. People on this board read Griffin and just grab their pitchforks. What's even worse is the fact that if Griffin plays well this season people will be on here blowing him. Maybe things like this shouldn't bother me so much, but for some reason they do.
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  3. GoT

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    I hope he plays well enough too trade too the cows before the tradedeadline
  4. mike75

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    Maybe we could interest Fisher and the Rams in a straight up trade that would send Michael Griffin to St. Louis while the Titans would get Cortland Finnegan.:football:
  5. GoT

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    I take a player too be named later. And be willing too wait on the Lambs too draft somebody named Later
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  6. mike75

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    In my opinion one of the reasons this team has been mediocre the past four years is because of the crappy GM that replaced Floyd Reese became Jeff Fisher's yes man and rubber stamped and approved everything Fisher wanted.The reason the first ten years 1999-2008 were successful is because Fisher had a GM making most of the decisions and bringing in the right players for the team to succeed.When Fisher gained control of everything and made Reinfeldt GM the team quit bringing in quality players and started bargain shopping each year in free agency so instead of bringing in good players like Kevin Carter or Kyle Vanden Bosch we now were bringing in Jovan Haye,Barrett Ruud,Shaun Smith and we all saw how that strategy worked out.Thats when Fisher had control of everything and of course thats when the losses started piling up.
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    don't ride my gravy train
  8. Ensconatus

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    The reason he's disliked by hardcore fans is cuz he is weak on the field. Dude half asses his job and makes friends at camp... That's not getting us anywhere near the playoffs.
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    Let me sum this up for you guys. Griffin is a talented athlete. He is great at interacting with the fans and certainly seems like a good guy. He can be effective as a FS in the NFL. He has made a bunch of big mistakes and weak tackle attempts over the past few years. He will have to stop making those mistakes so often and playing soft to get the fans on his side again. The frustrating thing is he is perfectly capable of improving the things he needs to improve. He's been capable of it for 3 years now though and is yet to do it. Fans are very frustrated with Griffin. Not only because his level of play has been poor, but because he absolutely has the potential to play MUCH better.
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  10. Riverman

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    Griffin and Hunter take snaps from each other.
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