Reasons Griffin is Best Titan

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    Ok, now I know as soon as some of you read this topic you couldn't wait to open it and post how much Griffin blows on the field. How he is paid too much, and how he can't tackle etc etc. For the past few years, it's clear on tape Griffin has had problems playing the Strong Safety. And hopefully, his move back to Free Safety will allow him to return to his Pro Bowl form.

    Now, all pros and cons aside about Griffins play on the field. My reason for posting this is to point out something very very unique from all my years of being around the Titans.

    Griffin is the BEST Titan to the Fans!

    My reasons from this statement comes from going to camp the past years, and was greatly backed up this year. I went to all but the last two camps, and i saw Griffin sign almost every single practice. Most players ONlY sign on their scheduled day. I witnessed hi give away shoes, gloves, even the tape from his fingers if someone asked. All of this is rare by most of our players. Sometimes they will give old gloves or a random pair of shoes, but as you already saw on a different thread, Griffin on Tues went into the locker room and gave out ALL the shoes he had.

    How come he can give many many pairs yet every time Locker was asked he said he needed them for the game? Answer is Griffin cares a lot about the Fans. My greatest witness of this was on Sunday night camp, which was Griffin's signing day. Camp ended at around 8:15 pm central. And for about 30-40 mins the players WR to sign were at the fence (should mention Shone Green was a no show and he was scheduled to sign). As the player went inside, and the fans began to leave, Griffin stayed and just kinda hung out with the few fans left. Talking with us like normal friends. He took one guy into the locker room cause he was sick or something and ranted to meet a player. Griffin agreed to take a ball from one fan and have the entire team sign it for charity. Every time he went into the locker room for any reason he came back with shoes or whatever to give out, even a pink pair from last season Breast Cancer game.

    Many of you may not know this but if players stay out too long with fans during camp and miss a meeting, they can get fined, by the time Griffin went inside for good. It was 9:20, over hour and :15 mins after camp had ended. Just blew me away he would rather spend time with fans and pay a fine or ignoring us like Greene.

    While I want the Titans to win and want Griffin to play for his $, I believe now Griffin isn't bring paid for just his play on the field but what he brings to the team as a leader and great asset to the city of Nashville and the loyal fans of the Titans
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    Whats this the past few years he's been a SS talk?


    He sucked from FS, he's played a few plays at SS, but 99% of the time he's still been a FS.
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    This thread is a giant FAIL

    my worst thread ever beats this any day

    you do not deserve those cool Titans gloves, send them to me.
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    That's great he's a nice guy and all, but his performance on the field has been lackluster.
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    Boo this man!
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    What NewHorizontals fails to realize is Griffin is skipping film to play outside with the fans, he's too embarrassed to be among real football players when the tape is rolling
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    Is this stupid thread the reason I couldn't log-in for the past 17 minutes?
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    If I remember right, Griffin had kind if a bad character label coming out of college.

    Maybe he needs to go back to that.
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    No joke, I thought this was an RG3 thread because its about that realistic.
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    I've said it before.... Griff is probably the nicest Titan I've ever met. I just wish he wasn't so damn nice on the field too.