Really good Grantland article about the decline of both the offensive and defensive lines

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TorontoTitanFan, Oct 12, 2012.

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    Don't forget what Stokley was doing in Indy for the longest time.....

    well, he probably was the 3rd best, still doesn't take away his impact.
  2. nickmsmith

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    Is KW any of those guys????

    None of those guys cost a first round pick. Your evidence has the opposite effect. It shows how you don't have to spend a first rounder for a quality slot receiver.

    KW has been a set of decent hands for us. He is the 4th best receiver on our team, IMO. Behind Washington, britt, and cook.
  3. steverife

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    I didn't like the pick because I thought we were fine at receiver, but I love KW and think he was the most impactful guy on the board. I think he is going to be an 80-90 catch, 1100-1200 yard, 8-12 TD guy.
  4. The Playmaker

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    So we're expecting a rookie WR to come in and become a pro bowler immediately? It takes time for WR's to develop and considering he's been the best rookie WR so far is a great start, especially on this mess of a team. More than half this board hated the pick (I questioned it myself) so if you're still hanging onto those feelings of draft night then you're just hating on a 1st round draft pick who is playing better than anyone else in that class at his position, at a position of need. Just think that over.

    As far as the article I liked it, it's better than some guy throwing together a post game read and saying the usual pointing the finger at CJ and the loss of Fisher crap. At least this guy went in and actually had knowledge of what's happened to us. Imo the reason why we didn't draft a lot of OL is because we've been set at the tackle position for years now. Who would expect a drop off there so suddenly? Now as far as the interior goes there is no excuse, we've been patching that group with free agents and late round draft picks. We need an overhaul.

    For the defensive line, I can't blame the organization for getting rid of Haynesworth. What has he done since his last year here? Some people fail to remember he didn't do much before his contract years, I barely remember him making plays until he started dominating in his last couple of years. We did draft a DE in the 1st and I'm not calling him a bust year and we did go out and sign Wimbley so at least we're trying to improve the line. What we really need a dominating DT that can free up the other 3 on the DL and make them more of an impact. We also need to learn how to tackle and a couple new safeties.
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  5. Ensconatus

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    I'm still waiting for us to line up Martin and Casey together. They are by far our best DT duo. The reason thy haven't don't this is because they claim that Martin isn't able to play the three tech.... I call BS. The thing Martin does at a fanatic pace is beat one on ones. Casey is also also really good at getting penetration but a bit better at holding his ground.

    Martin is the prime example you want at a 3 tech.... Someone that can beat double teams, demolish singles and has the high motor to get into the back field. Still wonder why we continue to play him at the 1 tech.
  6. Ensconatus

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    KW has been a very solid contributor already. I can see him taking over washingtons routes once he's gone and be very successful at them. I think with britt and Washington AND cook on the field with KW, it only leads to keep him around the QB for quick dump offs and yards after catch. He's done a solid job in that role.

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    So thats what they consider "really good" reading material in Canada eh?
  8. Ensconatus

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    Also the only DE prospects left when we picked were Chandler Jones who was by far a huge riser and a question mark and Nick Perry who I've yet to see make much difference in GB.

    Jones has 3 sacks on the season
    Perry has 2 sacks.

    Jones was taken right after our pick at 21.
    Perry was taken at 28

    Whitney Mercilus was also taken after us. He has only seen 10-12 snaps per week and has 5 tackles to show for it. He is still up on the air and his switch to OLB won't show what he could have been as a DE, same with Nick Perry.

    Therefore coming to this conclusion... We could have reached for Jones and probably been better off than the Wright pick... But it's just that, a reach.

    Also considering how much wright has touched the ball, who's to say jones would have had more/or less impact.
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  9. steverife

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    Chandler Jones did most of his damage against us.
  10. titan_fan_4ever

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    I havn't read the article yet, but from your early comments I can say a couple things.

    The O-Line has usually been something we develop not necessarily needing to draft with high picks. I'm not saying its bad to draft O-Linemen high, they are generally safe picks (opposite De'Brick) and lasting quality players. But under Jeff Fisher's staff were two key talent developers, our HC Mike and good ol' Jim.

    We've had the luxury of two great line coaches that really got the best of their players. Still though, I'm not going to argue that you can coach physical abilities, but our line coaches created technicians and used a generally simplified system that yielded good results.

    Here are some things I have been thinking about, not to do offcourse, just thoughts i've had from watching the games this season:
    • Valz is not bad, but I really think he played better at G its definitely easier then C from a mental/experience standard. Whenever I saw him play spot duty, I had been impressed. Hutch is clearly on the downside and Valz I think can play better them him there with a good C beside him.
    • To my next point - I think during next FA period we need to pick up a good C; its a key position that when improved can help the whole line (especially the interior in particular which is where we need the most). He will help 'bark out' commands and choose who to assist accordingly. I'm thinking another mean guy like Mawae if possible.
    • Stewy has clearly slowed down a bit over the years. However, he's still very quick for a man his of his size and strength. This season several times I have thought about moving him inside - I think he would make a really good interior blocker. His tenacity and mean streak might be better served inside for one. I also think with his quick feet and size he would make him an excellent swing blocker for the RB when pulling the G. Finally, a lot of teams now move their DE's inside on passing downs, I think the knowledge he's picked up from T would really serve him well in tighter spaces (where he doesn't have to worry about getting burned on the outside.) ----- Offcourse this is all in the end speculation, he's seems to be great at all the 'other' things G's have to do, but whether he can play that position in the first place would need to be figured out before trying such a move.
    • DM finally got a sack! HOWEVER, after being one that has generally defended him, I can't believe he didn't school the rookie RT from Ohio State for like 3 or 4. Even the commentator Mike said 'he should be licking his chops.' Did that rookie RT stay in the whole game, this I don't know...
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