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    • The forecast for the Jaguars is dismal after they lost an 11-point lead and lost to Tennessee, writes Michael C. Wright.
    • The Jaguars have essentially checked out, says Gene Frenette.
    • Frenette's report card includes two Fs.
    • The Jaguars need more leadership out of David Garrard, says Hays Carlyon.
    • Titans reserve defensive back Chris Carr was called into action and stung the Jaguars, says Garry Smits.
    • Cornerbacks Drayton Florence and Brian Williams stand up and take the blame for big mistakes, according to Vito Stellino.
    • Mike Peterson played in the second half and was productive, says Stellino.
    • With Matt Jones out, the receivers didn't do enough, according to Carlyon.
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    Wow an F grade for the defensive line! I guess they sucked didn't they?
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