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    Good morning. Hope you can put these links to use while sipping your coffee. Or at lunch. Or during a break. The staff of the AFC South Blog cannot endorse you reading while working. But we are happy toÂ* look the other way and not say anything.

    I'm sorry to report the AFC South chat is on a brief hiatus. I'm unable to chat Thursday and will be bringing you details from Titans-at-Lions on Thanksgiving. We will resume in December.

    In the meantime, feel free to hit the mailbag. As always, I welcome comments, suggestions, links, criticism and anything else you can throw at me in the mailbag.

    Houston Texans

    The Texans will look for a fresh run game to be a key against Cleveland, writes Megan Manfull.

    John McClain hears the fans calling for Richard Smith's job.

    McClain's chat transcript is heavy on what chances people think the Texans should make.

    Indianapolis Colts

    Reggie Wayne walks on water in a new commercial, says Phil Richards.

    Tom Santi to IR, Jamie Petrowski to the 53-man roster, reports Mike Chappell.

    One last review of Colts-Texans, from Phillip B. Wilson.

    John Oehser's weekly chat with Tony Dungy at

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    What's gone wrong? Cole Pepper ponders with percentages.

    Jack Del Rio may be losing his grip, says Vic Carucci of

    Mike Tice is content as part of Jack Del Rio's staff, but would like another chance as the top guy, writes Mark Craig.

    A Q&A with Josh Scobee.

    Tennessee Titans

    The Titans are doing well in fan Pro Bowl voting, says Jim Wyatt.

    With a win and three other results, the Titans could clinch their playoff spot this week, writes Terry McCormick.

    A look at how the playoffs would stack up right now from's Dom Bonvissuto.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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