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    Posted by's Kevin Seifert Hi gang. I'm your substitute blogger on this fine Saturday morning. I feel like we already know each other, given the NFC North-AFC South matchups this season. But alas, it will be a short-term, long-distance kind of relationship. Your regular host will be back Sunday.

    In the meantime, let's take a quick look at what's happening here in the AFC South. (Pardon the format. It's the only one I know.)

    • Tennessee coach Jeff Fisher still won't talk about a stunt I hadn't even heard about until I saw it in the Tennessean notebook of Jim Wyatt. Fisher parachuted onto the practice field Thursday from a helicopter along with members of the101st Airborne Parachute team. The jump was from 12,000 feet. The Tennessean has a photo if you don't believe me.
    • Titans receiver Justin McCareins is expected back in the lineup Sunday, according to Wyatt. McCareins has missed two games and most of a third because of injuries.
    • Indianapolis will get cornerback Kelvin Hayden back in the lineup Sunday, according to Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star, but it's not clear if safety Bob Sanders will join him. Hayden has missed the past six games because of knee and hamstring injuries.
    • The Colts have fumbled only four times this season and lost only one, points out Phil Richards of the Star.
    • Jacksonville defensive tackle John Henderson will play Sunday after missing two games because of a sprained knee, writes Michael C. Wright of the Jacksonville Times-Union.
    • Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio apparently told receiver Troy Williamson to cool it, according to Sean Jensen of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. (Check out the third note in this link.)
    • Houston cornerback Dunta Robinson is returning to the starting lineup, but Jerome Solomon of the Houston Chronicle wonders if this is Robinson's last season with the Texans.
    • Despite a mysterious illness, Texans rookie linebacker Xavier Adibi has secured a starting spot. Megan Manfull and Dale Robertson of the Chronicle have details.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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