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    Greetings. Â*We're looking at an unconventional Wednesday, as the Colts and Titans are on a Monday Night Football schedule. I'll visit with the Titans after their short, late afternoon practice, then run for a flight to Indianapols. So if things are a bit uneven tomorrow, they'll be a payoff later in the week. Please bear with me...

    Houston Texans

    Owen Daniels good work is helping his numbers, and Andre Johnson's, writes John McClain.

    Andre Davis could be out three weeks after finger surgery, which means Steve Slaton or Jacoby Jones will take over kickoff returns, says McClain.

    Cautionary tales: The Texans have lost to a terrible Bengals team and to Ryan Fitzpatrick before, according to McClain.

    Indianapolis Colts

    Discounting one meaningless Week 17 game, Tony Dungy's Colts have lost seven regular-season games by double digits before last Sunday. They followed six of those with victories, says Phillip B. Wilson.

    Bob Kravitz tries to answer some of the toughest questions facing the Colts.

    Indy's division title streak is very much in jeopardy, writes Michael Marot.'s weekly talk with Tony Dungy.

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    Maurice Jones-Drew isn't calling for the starting job or a bigger role, says Michael C. Wright. Also, Matt Jones practiced Tuesday, which should mean he's not suspended this week. ESPN has reported he's out three games, but that an appeal can delay the suspension.

    Center Brad Meester is set to return to action, according to

    Tennessee Titans

    Three original Titans - Steve McNair, Eddie George and Frank Wycheck - will be added to the team's new ring of honor Monday night, according to Jim Wyatt. They are all deserving.

    David Climer votes for Pacman Jones as the Titans MVP this season. I'm going to stick with Albert Haynesworth myself.

    Will the Titans be able to keep their run game going against the Colts, asks Terry McCormick.

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