Reading the coverage: Taylor dislikes 'must-win' concept

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky
    I enjoyed chatting with many of you yesterday. That's a regularly scheduled deal, Thursdays at 3:00. Set your alarms. And if you haven't sent a note to the mailbag, you're missing out. Word on the street is that I email virtually everyone back.
    Now,Â*a late morning look around.
    AFC South
    Phil Richards looks at the crazy start to the season in the division.
    Houston Texans
    The Texans are figuring out how best to help Houston post-Ike.
    A win over the Titans would be a big step for the Texans.
    Indianapolis Colts
    Dwight Freeney feels like he's back to himself.
    A big hit by Bob Sanders still resonates at Iowa.
    Big plays are more important than ever for the Colts offense.
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Fred Taylor hates the concept of a 'must-win.'
    Will Jerry Porter make his season debut in Indy?
    A rundown of all the injuries hurting the Jags and Colts.
    Tennessee Titans
    Peter Richmond visited Nashville during training camp to research his piece for the New York Times' Play Magazine. The timing is a bit awkward with Vince Young hurt and demoted, but Richmond asks if we're finally entering the age of the running quarterback, or if we'll ever enter it.
    Keith Bulluck's perspective is different now that he's older.
    Justin Gage sat out a second practice in a row with a groin issue.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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