Reading the coverage: Perfect Titans say they can play better

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    A modest proposal: Print this page and these links, fold paper in half long ways, insert in back pocket, remove and read in line at your voting location, cheerfully pass time and spread the word about the AFC South Blog as you wait your turn.

    Houston Texans

    Matt Schaub could be out for four weeks, writes John McClain.

    The Chronicle's report card.

    Long snapper Bryan Pittman made his case to the league over a pending suspension, according to Megan Manfull.

    The Texans sent tape of three Vikings hits on their quarterbacks to the league, says McClain.

    Every loss looks the same, opines Richard Justice.

    Indianapolis Colts

    A playoff berth is still very much within the Colts' reach, says Mike Chappell.

    Chappell's midseason report card includes an F for rushing offense.

    The Colts are giving up lengthy drives, according to Phil Richards.

    Indy can't afford to falter much the rest of the season, says Tom James

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    Jack Del Rio is trying to stay positive, says Vito Stellino.

    Five questions with Reggie Hayward.

    Del Rio shouldn't be under any fire, according to Cole Pepper.

    Tennessee Titans

    A perfect team says it can play better, writes Jim Wyatt.

    An 8-0 start hasn't been a Super Bowl guarantee, according to Clark Judge.

    Kyle Vanden Bosch could sit out in Chicago as he continues to wait on a groin injury, says Gary Estwick.

    Wyatt and Estwick have their Tuesday morning back-and-forth.

    Albert Haynesworth was sad to hear about Phil Fulmer at the University of Tennessee, writes Terry McCormick.

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