Reading the coverage: Long snapping an issue for Texans

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky
    What's going on in the AFC South? Here's a late-morning rundown.
    Houston Texans
    Gary Kubiak's record through 34 games is exactly the same as Jeff Fisher's was. Good stuff from John McClain spelling out why calling for Kubiak's firing is silly.
    Defensive coordinator Richard Smith is trying to be creative with Mario Williams, writes Dale Robertson.
    Bryan Pittman's poor long snapping was one reason Kubiak was a bit reluctant to kick field goals last week, according to Megan Manfull. If it's so bad as to impact what an offense can and can't do, doesn't a change have to be made?
    Sloppiness had Kubiak concerned, writes Michael C. Wright.
    The Texans have good history against Jacksonville, says Brooke Bentley of
    Indianapolis Colts
    Already out with a high sprain of his right ankle, Bob Sanders had knee surgery. Mike Chappell got the word from owner Jim Irsay.
    Tony Dungy was pleased with bye week work, says John Oehser of
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter was at least part serious when he guaranteed bigger plays from the passing game, writes Vito Stellino.
    Matt Jones is different, says Tania Ganguli.
    Reggie Nelson has a bruised knee. It's a relief it's nothing worse, but still has him day-to-day, according to Kyle G. Nelson.
    Tennessee Titans
    Kerry Collins and Gus Frerotte are hardly the only old quarterbacks in place right now ahead of younger guys, according to Jim Wyatt. He counts 14 starters over 30.
    The Titans view of Adrian Peterson, by Gary Estwick.
    Another look at Ryan Fowler's take on his demotion, this one Estwick.
    Another look at how Kerry Collins can be a resource for Vince Young, this one from Thomas George of

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