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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky
    Greetings from scenic Houston Hobby Airport...
    I'm not too far off from boarding, so I thought I'd attempt a quick, scaled down version of "Reading the coverage." Let's call it a "Paper-of-record columnist edition."
    Hope to do a mailbag tomorrow, but that all depends on you filling it up.
    Houston Texans
    Richard Justice: "This week was supposed to be a new start to the season. Four consecutive home games. A chance to make something of this season. Instead, they walked off the field with a defeat that ought to rattle the organization from the top of the masthead to the bottom."
    Indianapolis Colts
    Bob Kravitz: Some teams talk about playing 60 minutes, and it's just a fiction they tell themselves to keep from getting embarrassed during Monday's film session. The Colts talk about playing 60 minutes, and they know -- they just know -- they can create magic out of a lost cause.
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Gene Frenette: "Again, as was the case in their four previous games, the Jaguars collapsed because they failed to put the opposing quarterback on the ground."
    Tennessee Titans
    David Climer: "How can you commit 10 penalties, turn it over twice, get into skirmishes with foe and friend alike, and treat the end zone like it's off-limits most of the day - and still win?"

Thread Status:
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