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    Let's jog, not sprint, around the division this morning. Or maybe just walk?

    Houston Texans

    Texans deep snapper Bryan Pittman has tested positive for a banned substance that is a violation of the NFL's steroids policy. If he loses his appeal, he could be suspended for four games, reports John McClain.

    Eric Winston and Cedric Benson played a lot of football together growing up, writes Dale Robertson.

    Indianapolis Colts

    Jake Scott is enjoying life with his new team and is ready to take on his old team, writes Phillip B. Wilson.

    Sorting out the details of Peyton Manning's knee surgeries in Mike Chappell's notebook.

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    The Jaguars and Browns have both come up short of expectations so far, says Michael C. Wright.

    Matt Jones said he's waiting on the result of his appeal of a three-game suspension, according to Jim Nasella.

    Tennessee Titans

    Ron Jaworski thinks the Titans are doing the exactly right thing at quarterback, writes Gary Estwick.

    Rob Bironas needs two more field goals to set a new franchise record for consecutive makes, says Jim Wyatt. Also the drum set sent to Chris Johnson was from Martina McBride.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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