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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky
    Houston Texans

    • The Texans have turned into a big-play offense, Megan Manfull reports.
    • "Sometimes a kid comes along that cares so much that almost everyone who knows him is rooting for him." Richard Justice says Tim Bulman is one of them.
    • Dunta Robinson looked better Thursday than he did Wednesday, John McClain writes.
    Indianapolis Colts

    • Analyst Cris Collinsworth thinks Peyton Manning-to-Marvin Harrison looks as good as old, says Phil Richards.
    • The Colts are leaning towards activating linebacker Tyjuan Hagler for Sunday, filling the spot they opened for John McCargo before the trade for him fell through, Mike Chappell said.
    • This is the Colts' first trip to Lambeau Field since 2000, according to
    Jacksonville Jaguars

    Tennessee Titans

    • "Some of the things they call these days take away from the intensity of the game," Keith Bulluck said. Jim Wyatt looks at how the rules limit what can be done to quarterbacks.
    • The status of the Titans' two starting receivers is up in the air for Kansas City, says Gary Estwick.
    • Tennessee won't see Chiefs running back Larry Johnson, who's suspended for the game, blogs Wyatt.
    • It's not official yet, but the Titans will likely be part of a throwback movement to mark the 50th anniversary of the AFL, meaning they will dress as the Oilers for a game next year, reports McClain.
    • David Climer takes a look at Vince Young as a second quarterback.
    • Mercury Morris says he wants the Titans to go undefeated, writes Terry McCormick.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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