Reading the coverage: Colts to 'bow up' vs. Ravens' run

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky
    A trip around the division before our trip to Denver this afternoon ...
    Houston Texans

    • DeMarcus Faggins has overtaken Fred Bennett for a starting cornerback spot, according to John McClain.
    • Running backs will play an important role in blocking against Miami, says McClain.
    • Competition on the D-line might lead to Amobi Okoye being used situationally. He played his best game last week under that scenario, according to
    Indianapolis Colts

    • Tony Dungy on the Ravens: "They try to pound right at you. We're going to have to bow up and get ready to play that."
    • Summer running in the sand pays off for Robert Mathis at this time of year, Phil Richards writes.
    • Charlie Johnson's versatility makes him valuable, according to John Oehser of
    Jacksonville Jaguars

    • Reggie Nelson and Mike Walker are out for the Denver game with knee injuries, writes Michael C. Wright.
    • Another take on the friendship between Walker and Denver's Brandon Marshall, from Tania Ganguli.
    Tennessee Titans

    • ESPN's Tom Jackson was in town this week working on a feature on the Titans defensive line, says Jim Wyatt. Also in the Titans Insider: Cortland Finnegan and Derrick Mason got fined $5,000 each for an incident during last week's Tennessee-Baltimore game.
    • The bye week was about details for the Titans, writes Gary Estwick.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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