Reading the coverage: Colts face largest deficit since realignment

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky
    Let's look around for stories of note before we look for some caffeine...
    Houston Texans
    With safety C.C. Brown out for the season, the Texans added fullback Cecil Sapp to the roster.
    Should Gary Kubiak get a pass on the fake punt play?
    Indianapolis Colts
    The Colts are 2½ games behind division-leading Tennessee, Indy's largest deficit since realignment in 2002.
    Gary Brackett: "The formula we have works. We just have to execute it a little bit better."
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Jack Del Rio is not blaming Gregg Williams for defensive woes.
    The Jaguars are dealing with terrible details of Richard Collier's status.
    Tennessee Titans
    Sunday after the win over Minnesota, Jeff Fisher reminded the Titans they "hate" the Ravens. Monday he softened that stance.
    Fisher claims he's happy with where Vince Young is "mentally, emotionally and physically."

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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