Re-watched game focusing on Schwenke and Warmack

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    I'd like see us draft Carlos Hyde as our future back. Big, strong and still shifty. I would also find a young guy with some speed to add to the backfield. I would not keep CJ past this season. Age is getting up there. Contract is getting way up there. It's not a good idea to continue to pay him.
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    Yeah b/c he got us a big gain on his one carry last week. Greene is the difference maker!
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    Newflash: CJ isn't facing stacked boxes. He's been facing normal 7-men fronts a ton and still hasn't produced. AP is facing stacked boxes due to the fact that he's amazing and they literally have no passing offense. Locker has atleast shown he can toss the ball around, opening up the box for CJ. Our OL play has been good enough to which CJ should have more than 366 rushing yards, 3.2 YPC, and 0 rushing TDs in 7 games. I will give him some credit due to we've played some great defenses early. However, as an "elite" RB he should have more than those stats. He barely makes tackles miss. He doesn't get YPC. He doesn't fight for extra yards. He still looks for the big play instead of 5 yards. He's an average RB, at best, with good speed, making $10 mil.

    He'll likely put up a couple big games vs crap defenses in the 2nd half of the year... and somehow stick next year. Should of traded him when he held out, like I said.
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    Good to hear the interior did better but a shame it was for such few carries.

    Warmack has to get out to the second level faster but I wonder how much CJ's hesitation and changing direction impacts this. He's got to anticipate where the LB will be based on where the play is supposed to go. If the LB has time to adjust because CJ stuttter-steps, etc. I'd think it would make it much more challenging to block someone in space.

    Seeing Greene get more reps in the basic run package will help to compare.
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    Carlos Hyde plz. Back to the ugly smash mouth era. Lockers more capable to win us a SB with a down hill, conventional 4 yards per carry guy. At least the topic isn't "what qb do we draft 2014"... I feel comfortable finally saying locker can win us big games.
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    With CJ, it is a matter of horrible misuse. CJ has never been used properly, considering what he brings to the table. Fisher and now Munchak want to pound the ball. CJ is not built for that, and he knows it. He doesn't take any more punishment than he has to, and it works. He's been in the league for over 5 years and he hasn't missed a regular season game due to injury (almost unheard of for a RB).

    CJ needs to be used like Reggie Bush or Darren Sproles, not like Eddie George or Earl Campbell. If you put him in space, whether it be through screens, wheel routes, or draws, he makes plays. He still has a 2K yard season in him, he just needs the right system. With the inept coaching he 's been under in TN, I'm not sure he'll get it there.
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    The dude can barely catch a cold. While he doesn't have a problem with lead feet... Boy got stone hands in the flats. (Cuz he gets scurred)
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    Then win a Lombardi for Bud!
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    Gotta make a run. Gotta find some creativity on offense. Need to be able to run the ball better. Defense will carry itself
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    Very true. Our OL is built for smashmouth & one cut runningbacks. Somebody who hits the hole and goes, not dances around in the backfield. We have Shonn Greene, who can a productive 1000 yard back, I believe - he's nothing great either.

    Honestly, I like how the Chargers do it. They got Ryan Matthews, Ronnie Brown, and Danny Woodhead. All those guys combined don't make half of CJs salary. Their stats aren't much better than CJs, it's the scheme that i'm talking about. A group backfield, to which each RB has a speciality.

    Cut CJ. Save $. Resign ATV, Pollard, and Pito. Draft a 4th rd runningback to pair with Greene. Problem solved.