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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by HurricaneTitans, Jul 2, 2006.

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    Which is exactly why the Titans should have committed to hitting the QB, whoever the opponent was, every time they passed. Personal foul or not.

    Dehr Schwartzie, when the Titans did have a third down, had the DBs backbeddaling with a 5+ yard cushion on third and 7! Inexcusiable. Simply a free first down for the O.

    The Schwartzen D COUNTED on the opposition to make a mistake, instead of forcing the play to conclude quickly and therefore occasionally forcing the O into a mistake.

    I could go on but I think we both agree that a good DC would have his players playing to their strengths instead of allowing the O to operate in an unpressured scrimmage like atmosphere.

    The majority plays the D made were when a player would happen to dominate on any given play.

    based on the LBs last season the last thing the Titans should have wanted was for them to be playing in space. The Titans rarely blitzed and kept the LB in zone most of the time on passing downs. SCHWARTZ!!!!

    heres some numbers to illustrate exactly how passive the Schwartz D has been over the last two seasons.

    2005 33 9 3.67 26.3
    2004 29 18 1.61 27.4
    Total 62 27 2.30 26.9
    NFL-Total 1376 TD 1031 INT
    NFL-Avg 43.0 TD 32.2 INT 1.33 TD:INT 21.0 PPG

    Titans gave up 19 more TDs than the average NFL club over the two year period. Would be greater if the awful Titan D was eliminated from the data set. Titans got 5 less picks than the average NFL club, BUT the Titan TD:INT ratio was a whole TD greater than the NFL average.

    Heres a troubling little stat nibble. The Titans have allowed 188.8 points more than the average NFL team over the last two seasons. That is over the last 32 games the Titans have allowed 188.8 points more than the NFL average of 21.0. It is absured that the DC responsible for this football carnage would still be employed.

    For reference the 2001 Titan D allowed 191 points for the year.
  2. rcarie

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    Waddell wouldn't make most teams... He's terrible. It's hard to believe you would even use that as an example. As for the other three, that was it for our D last year. Sorry but it takes more than three good players to compete these days. It is still a team sport, right?

    Probably one of the most laughable statements I've ever read...:ha: Agian, I'm certainly not claiming that we played to our potential but we had crappy players in the since that many were rooks and young players and some just plain sucked. With the addition of Hope and Thorton along with another years experience we should make big improvements. If we don't then it's time to make a move.
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    Of course you're gonna get that here... he's from UT. But Mahelona is not a better prospect than Starks was coming out, and Starks has a couple of years of NFL seasoning on top of that. Starks didn't make as many "stat" plays last year as he did his rookie year, but he's still the second best DT on our team. Starks is only 23, and I believe this year will be a mini break out year for him. Long, Clauss, and Mehelona will make a fine rotation.
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    name 4 stud players from the Washington Redskins Defense. Sean Taylor, Lavar Arrington(played one quarter of the defensive snaps) and Shawn Springs(always considered an underachiever) are the only players that come to my mind. But their defense led them to the playoffs, they were young and not overly studly, yet they got the job done because they were put in a position to succeed and highlight their attributes. I'm not chanting for Gregg Williams, but the Redskins are an easy example and were the first on my mind.
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    i am and have been for the past 5 years.
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    They had better DB's all the way around. They didn't have a single rookie Corner that played on the team, let alone that started. We had two. They have Sean Taylor at S, we have L Thompson. No diference there?:suspect: Our LB's were slow aside from KB. Overall they had more players with more experience than we didn and stacked up better than we did. And yes, I too think Gregg Williams is better than Shwartz. That's not the issue. They had better players than us. That's why we made FA moves this off season and that's why we had Ty Law in to work out twice and that's why we've made the cuts we have. Floyd and Fish both want better personel. With Pac getting better and Reynaldo (hopefully) getting better, we should be strong at CB and with Hope and Thorton we'll be a lot better at those positions.
  7. Fry

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    carlos rogers started 7 games
  8. rcarie

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    I guess they had one:hmm:
  9. rcarie

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    Rogers still didn't start as many games as Jones or Hill.
  10. ya but our team was worse than theirs was
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