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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by tnyou, Sep 20, 2009.

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    HEY BUD!! Ever think to open another gate to let people in? Those lines were terrible!

    I loved our beautiful natural grass, it looks great. All the more reason for Nate Washington to puke on it a couple times. That was a nasty thing to see.

    5 dollars for a hot dog....must be high quality " beef ".

    Really Nick Harper? Really? Ryan Mouton....

    Sweet Becca!!! You are music to my ears......more like SCREECHING CHALK BOARDS.

    Kerry...Kerry...Kerry.....how in the WORLD did that ball fall out of your arms? It looks like it just magically flew out. Obviously, the football gods do not like it when you try to make a 4th quarter comeback. Get the message yet?

    Nice Helicopter on that kick return, Craig Stevens. Props to you.

    Chris Johnson is amazing. What else can I say?

    It was nice to see jared cook out there, he lined up at WR a couple times. MAN he is HUGE.

    It was funny seeing people wear these big round stickers on their shirts and jerseys. All respect to my man, Steve, #9. RIP.

    Great catching by Crumpler, even a nice juke on one play. I was just waiting for him to sit on Mario's MCL.

    Maybe we should not wear white at home games...idk....it just did not work out.

    Who gets their first win? Lions or Titans?

    Thanks NFL, for assigning those wonderful Referees to referee our game. Quality product. The 20 security guards at the exit gate showed just how great of a job they did.

    It was a breathe of fresh air too see mostly Titan fans.

    OK guys, lets gear up and fly out to East Rutherford and see what we can do against Rex Ryan and crew. I say if we lose 1 more game to Kerry's terrible mistakes, maybe Vince should be given a chance to show that he can pull this team back. GO TITANS!!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.