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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by jcdenton, Apr 30, 2006.

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  1. Titans2008

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    When did Coach Chow coach Phillip Rivers ?
  2. Chow coached at NC St when Rivers was the QB there. He went from there to USC.
  3. Hooky Hornstein

    Hooky Hornstein Camp Fodder

    This morning, on my way to work, I remembered something Ewker had said and started thinking about it.

    I wonder if the New Orleans Saints are worried about Reggie Bush getting an injury.

    I mean sure VY could run against the OUs, Ohio States and Michigans of this world, but I’m sure Ewker is probably thinking that pro defenders are a whole lot faster, smarter and harder hitting.

    I wonder why people aren’t fretting over Reggie Bush’s fate. After all, he won’t exactly be facing Fresno State and UCLA anymore.

    But you know, the funny thing is that the bitter drunken sportswriters, talking heads and mediots seem to think that little ‘ol 5-11, 200 lb Reggie Bush who only scored 25 rushing TDs in college against mostly Pac-10 defenses will be a sure thing, a can’t miss and the best thing since Gayle Sayers. Yet, VY who’s 6-5, 235 lbs and who scored 37 rushing TDs in college against mostly Big XII defenses has no chance of doing what he used to do in college because NFL defenses are so much bigger, faster and smarter, and he’s liable to get hurt if he tries.


    And now for something completely different… I’d like to share another little something that occurred to me.

    You all know how Vince has been criticized for playing in a “simple” “shotgun” “option” offense at Texas where he “didn’t have to read defenses”….

    The funny thing is VY’s OC at Texas was Greg Davis, the man who mentored Gary Kubiak, the architect of the Denver Broncos offensive success and Super Bowl wins under John Elway.

  4. theprizdfighter

    theprizdfighter Newb to the 19.5°

  5. lowery21

    lowery21 Guest

    Not to mention the descriptions "simple", "remedial", and "no-read" are just false. They showed a clip of Vince taking a sack against OU one year as "proof" that he can't make a decision/make reads. They neglected to point out that he threw a TD on the next play. Against Ohio State, with the game on the line he put the ball where only Limas could catch it and won the game. ...an Ohio State defensive backfield that put how many into the pros last Saturday? Against Texas, with the game on the line Matt L. made a meaningless toss.
  6. Caphorn

    Caphorn Guest

    I like your point about injuries Hooky. Actually, I believe that the RB position has the least longevity of any position in the league (5 years projected). Now, here's where it gets tricky to understand all the logic. Many of the journalists that write these stories still view Vince as the equivalent of Mike Vick - a running QB. Those of us who have watched him know otherwise. He pulls out the run when his other reads fail. At the beginning of his career this was not the case. Then he sat down with none other than Steve McNair and started working on how to avoid big hits on rollouts etc (something OU's current QB desparately needs to work on). The net result is that on numerous highlights you'll see Vince running out of bounds, sliding and doing things that are just plain quarterbacky. In fact, he did this throughout the USC game, but still managed to win it. Good ole reliable Matt Leinart was the one that got concussed hanging around in the pocket too long.

    Vince knows how to create space, he has a fantastic feel for the rush and you can't dive at him because he will juke you out of your jock.

    He'll be more durable than Steve McNair in the end.
  7. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    Want to practice psychiatry in eastern texas?

    Business will be booming.

    For the next decade texan fans will go nuts over what could have been. Every espn highlight show will produce a mini nervous breakdown as they watch vince dominating in two tone blue.

    Passing on vince will be like passing on micheal jordan. It's a shame that mario williams won't be able to make david carr into a good QB. :flush:

  8. the same voices you hear about VY and what he did at Texas are what some of us that were able to see him in high school were saying to fellow Longhorn fans by our newest recruit. a recruit that was willing to red-shirt, if need be.

    During High School, VY on an inner city team, in a poor neighborhood, beat the #1 team in the state in the playoffs, one of the greatest high school games i have EVER been to, final score 61-58, i walked in when it was like 14-10 and thought i had missed out on a lot of scoring. VY used to play a D-back during close games, punter, and on kick-offs a safety. a total leader back then.

    those of us that saw him in high school amongst 20,000+ knew when he went to Texas he would do the same, but many longhorn fans had not had the priviledge of seeing him live, it is almost addictive.

    I went to Texas, supported them to no end, but just never went to many away games (TX-OU excluded) well, with VY i started going to those away games. i saw live the last 2 rose bowls, i was up in columbus, ohio for that game in the shoe.

    i already am starting to search for places in Tenn. to visit, when i go there for games there. i also, know in Houston there will be new/old Titan fans getting together to watch games as well.

    you see, we really never know when the Titan coaches will put VY in..... BUT the same was true for Texas Longhorn fans, that is why, when we played an opponent, at home, on a rainy night, many fans waited to see if the coaches would put VY in for his 1st game, despite the fact the game was well in hand and a jr. was the starter, vy was just some redshirt frosh. we waited, it was cold, wet and when he came in he promptly led the longhorns to 2 more TD's.

    i believed before he arrived at Texas (just by being in Houston and seeing him in high school). now you are dealing with us that were there and the Longhorns that believed by what he did in college, next it will be the Titan doubters, when it is all over there will be VY love, even from that one poster that is not so happy with the choice.

    This is going to be a very fun run, just don't forget to enjoy it.
  9. dude i agree, i am so excited that we have him, ive been a longhorn fan for a while, and speaking of love i got his jersey (titans jersey =] ) yesterday for my birthday, i am so happy about it
  10. Titans2008

    Titans2008 Camp Fodder

    The difference is that running backs expect to be hit at all time and don't get blindsided. Additionally, you can afford to not have a running back in the game for an extended period of time in most cases, but that's usually not the case with your qb. Defenses know this as well and are always looking for a knockout hit on a qb whereas they are just trying to get a hb on the ground, most times.
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