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    now that we r for real....there was an article that came out while bak...quite some time ago actually about the teams that were stugglin in the leage...n we were really bad when tht came out...after purge n what not...nyway...they were talkin bout all the teams that got new head coaches to fix the team....n the article was comparin us to keepin jeff as to whole bunch of teams gettin new HC. basically im really interested in c-in this article now....i think we discussed it too also long time bak...if nyone remembers it or its name or can find it that would be great...somethin i feel ppl would be interested in lookin at...

    i remember it like said it would be interesting to c whos turns there franchise round first...n the guy was supportin us for keepin fish...thats prety much wat i remember
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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