Pro-Marijuana Group Targets NFL

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Should the NFL stop punishing players for using Marijuana?

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  1. CJtheBeast

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    In my opinion your research basically supports what I was saying.

    I'm not telling everyone to go and toke up behind the wheel, but I am being honest about it. And assessing the risk rationally.

    I believe it should be legalized and have an age restriction of 21.
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    Did a little more research to put your evidence into perspective. It's pretty cool you did your back end research. Most people just take what people say as fact. I've done a ton of research on the issue, as well as distracted driving, motorcycle safety, etc.

    Texting while driving makes you 23x more likely to be in a crash.
    Driving while on marijuana alone makes you 2x more likely to crash.

    Who puts the public at a bigger risk?

    In 2006, 23% of all traffic accidents involved a cell phone.
    On average, 1% of all traffic fatalities, much higher than the total accident percentage, are due to marijuana.

    Personally, I'd never ride a motorcycle. I don't wear a seat belt a lot of times in my car (when not on Interstate) and don't drive excessively, but drive over the speed limit, but would never ride a motorcycle. It just seems way to risky to me.

    I use that example just to show that we all pick and choose which risks we will take. Whether it be to ride a motorcycle, wear a seatbelt, smoke a cigarette, or consume alcohol or other drugs. As adults in a supposedly free country, we should have those freedoms until they start to infringe upon the safety of other people.

    In America. DUI's are handed out purely for revenue at times, not because someone is putting the public at risk. I believe that is wrong. Unless your willing to prosecute the person who is texting or talking on their phone while driving the same as someone who is driving stoned (lower risk), than our laws are cherry picking.
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    I must ask, do you drink?

    What exactly makes THC "not a good thing to have in your system", by your standard? I'm curious.

    Also take the friends you know that smoke, and suck at life and question their work ethic in general... Smoking might be an easy target to blame but sometimes those people just.... Suck at life.

    The problem with smoking in today's society is it basically disqualifies you for good jobs via piss. But low and behold, they will gladly hire the guy with the drinking problem.

    I've ran construction crews and saw the reality of both sides of this argument. Every time I knew one of the crew members was smoking pot, (not on the job but in general) I'd sit back and watch the work ethic and safety of the individual. Most the the time, they worked just as hard and safe as the other guys, and a select few of them out did the others.

    Now on the flip side of that, people coming to work hung over completely screwed me up. Brown bottle flu from call ins, low motivation from being so dehydrated, safety nightmare because they were needing to be watched constantly so they didn't have hurt themselves or others. Production was always **** when guys would come to work after drinking the night before.

    Also, you can walk away from THC with relative ease. Not so much with alcohol.
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