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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by SawdustMan, Oct 2, 2013.

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    That's why I said lower in my post "unless the wins come at the hands of the defense and running game alone."

    It would be an easy decision if Fitzpatrick was average/mediocre during the three game stretch. But if he say throws 6-9 TDs with no INTs or fumbles (dreaming here), I don't know how you could bench him.

    Players lose their jobs to injuries sometimes, and (some) teams have gone on to win the Super Bowl because of it.... Trent Green/Kurt Warner (we'd have that ring if Green never went down), Drew Bledsoe/Tom Brady, and almost Alex Smith/Colin Kaepernick. These are obviously examples of waaaaaaaaay better QBs than Fitzpatrick taking over, but if we go 3-0 and Fitzpatrick is on fire, I don't think you can pull him.

    I hate QB controversy, and I hope it doesn't happen to us. Yet I hope we go 3-0 the next three weeks.
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    we can beat KC, we have good momentum going in to this game, we have to also take 1 of 2 games from sea or san fran. Best chance to win is vs KC. Least game likely to win is Seattle. San Fran is the toss up game
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    I went 1-2. We beat KC, lose to SEA, lose to SF. Although I think we COULD beat SF, I don't see us doing it however. I'm bummed Locker is out, really would of liked him to travel to Seattle, for him homecoming, and upset the favorited Hawks.
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