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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by LangeSohne, Mar 20, 2017.

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    A #1 WR is a need (I'd take Davis over Williams) and a speed back would be nice too but personally I'm tired of seeing our offence go out and get points only to watch the D turn around and give them right back. I'm not saying go all D but this D needs help. Much more than the offense.
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    With the trade of Julius Thomas, the Jags could go Howard at 4

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    Would just be a waste of a pick

    Bortles doesn't like TEs
  4. kenny

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    Obviously there is need on both sides of the ball. I hate how bad our secondary was last year; and the past several years honestly. We have already addressed the group better than in the past IMO with the Ryan signing. In the past we have only brought in guys who where purely back up players. I believe Ryan can be a real #2CB possibly a #1 with scheming..... However, we still need more help in the secondary.

    As far as WR goes, we have never had a true #1. It has been a need as long as CB IMO. Matthews exceeded my expectations. However, he is still a #2. We need that receiving threat that defense have to game plan for......

    I can see both sides of the argument. I really hope that JRob addresses both in the 1st round. IMO going WR with our 1st pick makes more sense. I see WR as a much weaker group in the draft. The drop off in talent after the top 3 WRs is much greater than the drop off in talent after the top 3 secondary players IMO. The problem IMO is the crazy amount of injuries that have plagued the secondary talent.

    JRob needs to hit a home run in this draft IMO. We have needs that match up well with the talent available in this draft. If he plays his cards right, we will be able to address our biggest needs. I am still forming my opinion of JRob as our GM. This draft will go a long way towards telling us what he can do IMO. It is going to be a good test of his abilities. With 2 top 20 picks we should come out of this draft with at least 2 top tier players at positions of need.
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  5. Ontario Titan

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    I agree, saw it on I think they go Fournette or Allen at 4

    4. Jacksonville Jaguars
    2016 record: 3-13 (.527)
    Top needs: TE, DT, OL
    Analysis: With the trade of Julius Thomas, the Jaguars could look to add a playmaker early in a draft that is talent-rich at TE. The release of Jared Odrick frees up a spot for a defensive tackle, while the offensive line still needs more talent at a couple different spots
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    I see Davis as the top WR in this draft. However, I wish he could put in a workout before the draft. I would really like to know what he really runs in the 40......He seems to have good in game speed. He seemed to be wide open a lot. His level of competition was weaker. However, those DBs covering him really looked as if they never had a chance....

    I love how Williams comes down with those physical catches. However, I am not sure he is going to be able do the same thing to bigger more physical DBs in the NFL.

    Davis just seems to have a game that translates to the NFL better.
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    I agree at first, but once you have the pieces in place to protect him and move the ball, you can address other areas. We have that and our d is bleeding every week. If we don't fix our pass d, then you can build all you want around mm8 and the top qbs will still beat us.
  8. ImATitan

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  9. Bo Bo Clark

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    Who are we bringing in for a visit though?

    I want S.Thomas at 5 and Reddick at 18. Build the D and watch Luck Blake and Some schmuck from Houston eat grass while Marcus turns around and hands the ball to Murray and Henry break the will of their defenses. Deep draft for WR and CB.
  10. LangeSohne

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    100% agree
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