Practice May Decide Whether Leftwich Plays Against Titans

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    SUMMARY: Wednesday's practice may go a long way to determining whether or not Jaguars QB Byron Leftwich plays against the Titans in the regular-season finale this Sunday. The Jaguars would like to get Leftwich some work as the team prepares for the first round of the playoffs. “When he's healthy enough to play, he'll play,” Jaguars Coach Jack Del Rio said. “I want to see him practice. He's been cleared to practice. We'll let it unfold. At the same time, we want to continue to work David (Garrard). We'll let the week play out.” Leftwich broke his ankle Nov. 27 at Arizona. He didn't require surgery, but spent the next few weeks on crutches and in a protective boot. He had the boot removed about 10 days ago and ran on his healing ankle for the first time last Friday.

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Thread Status:
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